Project x pxi tapered shaft irons


Project X PXi Shaft

Project X shafts have been a staple on the PGA Tour for years, và are known for the stepless golf shafts. The Project X PXi follows the same stepless thiết kế as the traditional Project X Rifle shafts, in a lighter weight variety.  They are designed to produce a lower, more penetrating ball flight, while maintaining great feel at a lighter weight.

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First Impressions

The first thing I thought when seeing the Project X PXi was “is this a graphite shaft?” The shaft features some busy graphics at the top of the shaft, with a graphite-like appearance in the bottom half.  Heck, I’ve even had guys in my group ask me why I was playing graphite shafts, và have had khổng lồ correct them (they still didn’t believe that they were steel). This is from a graphics coating lớn the metal that covers the entire shaft to give it that appearance.


How Does it Feel?

When first picking up a club with the Project X PXi, the club head felt noticeable heavier than with my previous gamers (Dynamic Gold’s). This is expected, since the shaft is lighter. With this, I could really feel the club head throughout my swing.

The shaft also feels incredibly smooth throughout the swing.  I never found myself “fighting” the shaft, và also felt trying lớn “juice” a couple of extra yards out of them without losing stability. Every swing with the shaft just feels downright smooth. There’s really no other way to lớn describe it.

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On-Course Performance

While feel is incredible important to me in a shaft, it still needs khổng lồ perform on a golf course. After doing an iron fitting and testing shaft after shaft, the Project X PXi won. With the PXi, I really felt I had total control over my game.  Flighting the ball high lớn get over a tree, low to get under (yeah, I’m in the trees quite a bit), wedges, long irons, and everything in between was just easier. The best part? They still had that smooth feel.

Although the lightweight shafts are made for a more penetrating flight, I still was able lớn stop the ball well on greens due to the spin.  With a combination of a higher launching iron, & the added swing speed from the lightweight shafts, I hit the PXi relatively high, without ballooning the ball, giving me more distance and more confidence on shots into the green. After my fitting, the PXis were an easy decision to lớn put in the bag immediately.


Final Thoughts

The Project X PXi are one of the best iron shafts on the market for both feel and performance, period. They gave me great confidence in my iron game, & my scores were never better than with these shafts in my clubs. It’s lightweight, smooth, & has incredible feel to go along with stellar performance. If you’re looking for new shafts in your irons, make sure the PXi are on your danh sách of shafts khổng lồ test.