Customer Reviews: Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Wired In


There are a couple of major reasons why the improved battery life is a big deal. For one, Razer was able to achieve better battery life while alsoadding the Chroma RGB feature and feed-forward Active Noise Cancellation. With both of those turned on, you can get up khổng lồ 4 hours of battery life. Secondly, that’s about 30 minutes lớn 1 hour more than you get with the original pair that Razer launched back in 2018. That had no Chroma or ANC.

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But if you turn both Chroma và ANC off, that time jumps up to lớn about 6.5 hours. Which isn’t bad at all. Keep in mind your mileage may vary. & things like the low-latency game mode will impact battery life as well. As will the màn chơi of volume you use. & even the brightness of the RGB.

Should you need lớn recharge the earbuds, the case will give you up to an additional 26+ hours. Và the earbuds even charge up faster than before. So across the board the Hammerhead True Wireless V2 are usable for longer and you can use them more often.

They’re still a far cry away from lasting all day on a single charge. For instance, you won’t be able lớn pop them in at the start of a 9-10 hour work day and use them in one sitting. But Razer has covered a lot of ground in this area which is a big plus.

For my own personal experiences, I was generally using them with ANC but not often with Chroma. So I was getting anywhere from 4 to lớn 5 hours out of them before needing lớn put them back in the case for a refresh. The case is still missing wireless charging though. Which is a shame.

Low-latency game mode is great… when it works


Razer’s low-latency trò chơi mode has been a big part of its true wireless earbuds. & I’m happy to say that it’s still enjoyable lớn have in this latest pair. That is, when it actually works.

Now, for the most part, I’ve had no issues with it during use. 95% of the time it works well & does what it was designed to do. But that other 5% the audio drops or skips. Razer doesn’t specifically state that it’s changed anything with the tech. So this is presumably the same trò chơi mode tech that’s in every other pair.

But this issue seems to lớn be slightly more prominent in the Hammerhead True Wireless V2 than in those older models. Not by a lot, but enough lớn take notice.

Razer says that if users are experiencing this issue, they should make sure to lớn keep the earbuds within 2 feet of the connected device. I was definitely using them within that range though và still had the audio drop out. In fact the only time I ever used the game mode was with my phone when playing games. Where the phone was less than a foot away from my face. The audio drops persisted.

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With all of that said, you won’t necessarily have the audio drops lượt thích I did. Or as often if you vì have them. Which remember was only a very small fraction of the time. So overall, the trò chơi mode is still pretty great khổng lồ have just lượt thích always. & there’s always a chance Razer could fix the issue with a software update.

They’re way more comfortable và the case fits in your pocket better

One of my biggest gripes with the original pair of these earbuds was the case. It’s pill-shaped kiến thiết was not only fatter than the case with this model, but longer. So it was more of pain to store the case in your pocket. This new case however is essentially the same case you get with the Pros.

So it’s easy khổng lồ carry the case around with you wherever you go without the need to store it in a bag or purse pocket. Big ups to lớn Razer for this change. Aside from the case, the earbuds now come with a new in-ear design that is more reminiscent of the táo khuyết AirPods Pro and the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro.

So they provide a more secure seal, which helps to lớn isolate noise và they’re a hell of a lot more comfortable khổng lồ wear. The original pair were more lượt thích regular AirPods. With no ear tips. So wearing them for any longer than an hour or two meant discomfort & irritation. That’s no longer much of an issue. Though everyone is different. So you may still want khổng lồ take these out once in a while lớn give your ears a rest.

In addition, you get three sizes of silicone ear tips. Small, medium, và large. So you can find a perfect fit. My ears are a bit weird so I find that using one small và one medium tends to do the best job. On one last note, the stem of the earbuds appears a tad shorter than the original mode too. So they don’t look as funny sitting in your ears.

The verdict


While the new Hammerhead True Wireless V2 aren’t perfect, Razer is nearly there. These are noticeably better than the original V1 mã sản phẩm from a few years ago. & they’re honestlyalmostas good as the pro in terms of sound quality.

The Pro vì sound better but in my opinion, not enough khổng lồ justify the $70 difference in cost. Which makes these a better value overall, & especially so if you like Chroma RGB in your Razer gear.

Keep in mind, that if what you’re after is peak sound quality and battery life from your true wireless earbuds, there are better options out there for you. For gaming though, these are hard to lớn beat and there are few options that are probably better suited for the purpose.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of true wireless earbuds for sản phẩm điện thoại gaming & beyond, then these are great.