Hi Lovelies,I hope you all had a blissful weekend. It was really nice over here in London because the sun was out và the weather was fantastic. Londoners never joke with the sun; almost everyone was out basking in the sun or having a barbecue or a picnic. Good Times :-))

I have really looked forward to lớn putting up this post because it is one of my favorite brush sets ever. I am sure if you are beauty lover and regularly watch beauty gurus on Youtube, you would have come across the Real Technique Brushes
. There were created by Pixiwoo (Samantha Chapman) who is one of the most popular Youtube Beauty Gurus because she has fantastic makeup tutorials và a brilliant Makeup Artist. I am not sure when this brushes were launched but they seem lớn have been around for a little while. One of the main reasons these brushes have stolen the hearts of many makeup lovers is the fact that they are amazing, soft and have minimal shedding. Also, when a makeup artist creates a brush set/collection, I think it always turns better than the average random brush because makeup artists know what kind of brushes they would prefer & what areas are harder to reach by the average brush.

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I have been eyeing this brush set for a really long timeand was waiting for it khổng lồ go on sale but it never did. On my birthday, the BF surprised me with it. I was so happy because I didn"t expect it at all and I thought it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Each time I apply my makeup, I apply it in love...hahaha, Just kidding :-). Using a brush to lớn apply makeup gives a better flawless look. Of course, there are still some makeup products I prefer to lớn use my hands for such as under eye concealer but my default way is lớn use brushes. The fingers and hands warm up many of the products & can actually ensure many makeup products look good on the face but they are rather messy so I always opt for my brushes.

The real technique brushes have a variety of brushes ranging from face brushes, eye brushes, powder brushes, etc. Some of the brushes are sold individually but many of them are sold in brush sets. The Real Techniques core Collection,
as the name implies, is really a bộ vi xử lý core collection of brushes to own especially if you are a beginner & you are trying to build up your makeup stash. Let"s get started on this review, shall we?

The Real Techniques chip core Collection
The chip core collection is one of the Real Techniques" best selling brush & it consists of 4 brushes which are mainly face brushes khổng lồ include the Buffing Brush (which is the bestest brush I have every used), Contour brush, Foundation Brush and Detailer Brush. The main reason I was lusting after this collection was the rave about the Buffing brush. It has been raved about on every beauty social truyền thông media you can ever think about and the sad thing is, it is not sold separately. I am glad in a way it isn"t because I would have missed the opportunity of testing out the other wonderful brushes included in this collection. Not all the brushes in the bộ vi xử lý core Collection can stand on their own which made it a little difficult for me khổng lồ take pictures but I still tried my best to make it work. However, the individually sold brushes are all không tính tiền standing.

This always has to come first, doesn"t it? I love the packaging because it is simple & realistic. It comes in a panoramic case which is a black brush holder which can stand on its own. I think this is really practical because it serves both as a brush holder (for your dressing table và to hold the brushes after a wash) & as a travel pack.
It helps keep the brushes in place & the good thing is, there is space for other brushes as well. It is a brilliant little case and I love it. For it to lớn stand, you need khổng lồ pull the toggle behind and let it stand. Simple, practical và classy.
TextureThey are made of Taklon bristles which are synthetic therefore 100% cruelty free. They are really the softest brushes I have ever used và always remain in shape after several washes.They feel very smooth on the face & always deliver perfect flawless results. You can be assured you would get no stray hairs on your face with these brushes.
I have had these brushes for a full seven months và they are still as good as brand new. I think I am seriously besotted with how soft they are. Some brushes appear soft when you first buy them but after a few washes, they show their true rough textures. It is not the case with the Real techniques brushes as they seem to get even softer after each wash.
Contour brush

Talking about washing them, they are very easy lớn wash & they dry really fast. I think they are one of the fastest drying brushes I know. I also like the fact that they have white tips so you know when they are clean whilst washing it. Blog post here
on how I wash these babies...
Also, I have not experienced any damage to lớn the brushes after washing. Sometimes, some brushes get pulled out of their handles because water gets in to the glue that holds it together and loosens it from its handle. I am not sure what kind of hold/glue these brushes have but they have remained so strong and durable, it is almost unbelievable. :-)
Pointed foundation brush
SheddingTo be honest, I have not experienced any shedding whatsoever with these brushes at all. They are the same as it was when I first used them. Also, when I apply makeup on my face with them, I don"t experience any shedding or stray hairs; stray hairs from brushes make me really cross :-()
Pointed foundation brush

I have one naughty brush from another biến hóa brush company which is also very soft but always leaves tiny pieces of stray hairs on my face while using it và it is the most off putting thing ever especially in the morning when I am dashing off to work. I am glad the Real Technique brushes don"t give me any hassles at all when it comes lớn shedding. They are one of the few brushes i have used that have not shed. Amazing, isn"t it?
Application and Use
Due lớn its soft texture and unique shape, it always delivers a consistent flawless finish no matter what product & what brush I use. Sometimes, I think it helps bad foundation appear better because it evenly distributes the foundation all over the face và blends it in properly.
Buffing brush

All the brushes have the Real Techniques hình ảnh on one side and has the name of the brush on the other end. I think the deep orange/burnt gold colour against đen makes the bộ vi xử lý core collection really look classy & elegant especially on my dresser.
Contour brush
I think this is one of the most affordable brushes with great quality. It cost £21.99 for the vi xử lý core Collection which can be bought either online in their Onlinestore or in Boots. I think they are also sold in Super Drug. In the USA, you can buy them in Ulta but it can always be bought online from the Real Technique Online Store. Compared lớn many brushes out there, I think this is very affordable for the amount of brushes you get and the excellent unique the brushes have.
The Buffing BrushThis brush gives me life & it is by far one of my favourite brushes. I love it & I can understand why everyone has been raving about it. It is called a buffing brush but it should have been called "the all purpose brush" because I use this for everything.
It is ideal for full coverage liquid foundation & mineral foundation. Its bristles are so soft and it always delivers a flawless finish. It may look small but don"t underestimate its kích cỡ as it works excellently and can cover a large area of the face easily.

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I use mine for liquid foundation, mineral foundation, powders, setting powder và sometimes for my blush (I was not kidding when I said it"s all purpose for me). It isabsolutelyfantastic và I take it everywhere with me. I only wished it could actually stand on its own.
The Pointed Foundation Brush
Now this is meant to lớn be the actual brush for the liquid foundation to deliver custom coverage which I believe it can. However, I don"t use it for that because it is way too small for a foundation brush & I feel it may waste my time when the Buffing Brush is waiting to lớn be used for that purpose.
I use this lớn apply my under eye concealer và also lớn conceal any dark blemishes on my face. It is very good for concealing due to lớn its pointed shape; it can get into those areas the Buffing Brush can"t get into such as between my nose & near my eyes.
This is my favourite brush for applying my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick reviewed here.
It is a lovely pointy brush which can reach many narrow areas.
The Contour Brush
I love this dome shaped soft brush because it is excellent for contouring for me due to its dome shape. I know some people feel it is a bit too wide for contouring but I really don"t mind because I contour really lightly và this brush is perfect for that.
I also use this brush for my blush especially if it is a really pigmented blush as this picks up the colour very lightly and distributes it easily and evenly.
It can also be used khổng lồ apply highlighter on the face because it delivers a soft focus finish khổng lồ the overall makeup.
The Detailer BrushI did not have any particular use for this brush because the other brushes were adequate for applying makeup on my face. I think this is best for the eye area & I don"t use a lot of eye shadows on a daily basis.
But, I have started falling in love with this dễ thương brush because it is perfect for applying popping colours lớn my water line. I use this to apply my Illamasqua Liquid Metal (Review here
) & also lớn create a graphic smoky eye.
It is really perfect for the really tiny areas where you just want a detailed và precise look. I think you can also use this khổng lồ apply concealer lớn really tiny blemishes. This is also another brush that is multi-tasking. Indeed, almost all the brushes in the core collection can be used for more than one use.
If the BF did not buy this, I would have definitely bought it because it is easily my favourite brush set/collection. I use these brushes everyday and I love them more every single day as I mentioned they seem khổng lồ get softer & better with time; it"s really surprising. I give this brushes an outstanding 9/10 only because I wished these brushes were không lấy phí standing và some of them could be sold separately. I love how durable, soft và flawless finish these brushes offer.
Have you tried any of the Real Technique Brushes out? I hope you enjoyed this post & see you in my next post up soon...have a fab week ahead.
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