3ce mood recipe matte lipstick review


I am not big on lip colours as compared lớn the other components of makeup like foundations & eyeliners.

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So in a cosmetics store, I usually breeze past the lipstick aisle. I have been making vày with a coloured lip tint from Innisfree, and on lazy days just the trusty Nivea lip balm. On my last trip lớn Korea though, I came across the Slim Velvet lipsticks at the 3CE store. 3CE is the makeup brand under Stylenanda, a fashion label not unfamiliar to K-fashion lovers. It is no surprise that the 3CE/Stylenanada store display is ultra Insta-worthy and decked out in neon light tubes & cute decor, a big draw to lớn the many tourists in the Myeongdong area. I was beginning to lớn feel lượt thích I needed a nice lipstick while travelling in ultra fashion-conscious Seoul, so I picked this pale pink shade (Sand Lily) to try out:



There are 15 shades in total in this line, this is probably the palest of them. I lượt thích that it is quite affordable as compared khổng lồ the other products I’ve seen so far, at less than S$20.

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The slim đen tube is also chic & lightweight, easy enough to slip into small totes or clutches. Và so it was added khổng lồ my cosmetics loot from Seoul back lớn Singapore!

After usingI personally don’t really lượt thích rich, thick lipsticks – they make me feel lượt thích there’s a layer of oil on my lips and I have to lớn consciously stop the urge of wiping it off. Also hate how using these lipsticks mean leaving an obvious stain on cups và mugs (this is my minor OCD talking haha).This 3CE lip colour though, is the complete opposite. It actually made my lips feel dryer than they were!After application, I don’t feel anything on my lips, but I can see that the matte colour is showing quite clearly on the lips. Just two or three swipes around the lips is enough.

After just two light swipes on the wrist!

After a while, I actually started to feel that the lips were feeling dryer than usual. It could be because I am used khổng lồ having light lip balm on almost all the time, so to not feel anything on the lips was weird in another way. I definitely agree with some reviewers lớn pair this with a lip balm as the base, just choose a colourless or lightly tinted balm so it doesn’t clash with the lip stick colour!