Customer Reviews: Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip


Bought these 4 lip lacquers from Qoo10. They came in good condition but I didn’t understvà the packaging. These were extremely slyên ổn tubes & were very long in length. However, most of it is just the packaging. You can cut off the entire length of the blachồng plastic cap part và you’d actually get a very sleek & sllặng, dễ thương & very convenient on-the-go lip lacquer. Due lớn its current redundant long casing, it’s slightly inconvenient khổng lồ stuff into lớn a small purse or bag.

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Swatches of the Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquers

Top to lớn Bottom: Latin Rose, Pink Dress, Tender Love sầu, Dark Salmon

I actually preferred Pink Dress & Tender Love sầu as I usually tend lớn go for lighter, more natural, sweet colours.

Frankly, I didn’t really lượt thích these.

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