Captain america: civil war review

“Captain America: Civil War” isn’t necessarily the best Marvel movie — directing duo Joe & Anthony Russo fail lớn deliver even a fraction of the scale, grace, and ineffable sense of joy that Joss Whedon brought to “The Avengers” — but it’s nevertheless the Platonic igiảm giá khuyến mãi of a Marvel movie.

More so than any of the previous episodes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Civil War” is a soap opera in spandex. In part, that’s because of the film’s refreshing (if not fully realized) emphasis on emotional turmoil rather than global destruction; while plenty of buildings blow up, most of the collateral damage is caused by the good guys as they argue with each other và threaten to lớn go their separate ways. This isn’t just about killing time before the Infinity Wars, it’s about fulfilling the ultimate goal of the MCU: A film franchise so immense and self-perpetuating that a plot’s greatest possible conflict is no longer the over of the world, but rather the end of the br&.

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Not only does the flabbergasting laông chồng of wide shots completely diminish the scale of the fight — it’s lượt thích the Russo brothers forgot half of their lenses at homes — but it also limits the action lớn one plane at a time. It doesn’t help that the factions feel so arbitrarily determined. Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) gets to lớn have sầu a handful of great moments, but not even he seems lớn know why he’s trying lớn make life difficult for Tony Stark.

On the other hvà, it makes perfect sense that teenage Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is so endearingly overeager just khổng lồ be there. But the Russo brothers can’t juggle two slivers of parallel action — 100% of their attention is focused on the foreground at all times — let alone smoothly re-introduce an iconic Marvel character in the middle of a massive sầu brawl. Holland’s precocious zip makes hlặng a wonderful Spidey, just as Chadwiông xã Boseman’s stoic strength suggests that his Blaông chồng Panther will have sầu no trouble carrying his own movie, but just because these new characters feel right in this world doesn’t mean that they’re provided a proper place in this movie. When the action cuts to lớn either one of them, Captain America & Iron Man suddenly feel a million miles away, & “Civil War” dissolves inlớn nothing more than an advertisement for the MCU’s next round of spin-offs. There’s no room for context in these shots, just bodies.

It’s hard to believe sầu that Tony Stark is being eaten up by something that happened in a different movie if you can’t connect two things that happen in the same scene. It’s all just empty talk, and “Civil War” becomes a civic lesson that’s punctuated by one-liners & explosions. The bigger these movies become, the smaller they feel. The more aggressively they reach for greatness, the more clearly they prove sầu that its beyond their grasp. Marvel movies don’t get much better than this. The trouble is, they don’t want lớn.

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Grade: C

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