Laneige Bb Cushion Pore Control Spf 50+ Pa+++ Review


Alright then, are you ready for Cushion Foundation Week 2 on My Women Stuff?!For the uninitiated, you can view the brands featured in the first round-up of this nature here.

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This round however, by popular demvà, Cushion Foundation Week will focus only on Korean brand BB cushions.

Naturally, I will not have sầu ALL the brands in the market – Korean brands aren’t all that generous at providing samples, unlike the Western brands I worked with before this – but I have sầu enough to take you through 7 (yes, count that) SEVEN days of Cushion Foundations. This time, we will have a whole WEEK of cushions và then on Day 8 (if I have not yet collapsed from exhaustion), I’ll give you a round up, and on Day 9 (Yes, I’ve sầu thought this through) I’ll vày you a quiông chồng comparison of Korean vs Western br& cushions based on what I’ve tested so far.

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Whew! There’s a lot khổng lồ get through so, fasten your seatbelts, here we go!


I’m kicking off Cushion Foundation Week 2 (the K-Beauty edition) with the very first cushion I ever used, from popular BB cushion brvà, Laneige. This is the lademo 2016 iteration of the popular favourite, and the one featured today is the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++. A few days later, you will see another Laneige cushion – there are 2 versions. I’m not that careless lớn double-count LOL!