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The Group of Death returns for the virtual second round of group fixtures with France và Italy in the driving seat after victories over Romania & Holl& respectively.

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This is a massive sầu mix of fixtures and qualification can be confirmed tonight for both world cup finalists but Holl& and Romania are down but definitely not out.

Italy v Romania

The Azzurri displayed their attacking threat in the last match by smashing four goals past Holl& while Romania were easily dispatched by France. Toni & De Rosđắm say kiông xã us off & both go very cthất bại but Labont is in top khung và deny"s both.

This is turning inlớn an Italy v Labont fixture as Gattuso & Pirlo draw world class saves from the Romanian keeper. Cassano hits a fierce drive against the woodwork và Labont is at full strech khổng lồ stop De Rossay mê finding the top corner.

After half time, the game swings the Romanians way. Mutu and Niculae go cthất bại before Petre wins a corner on the left. Mutu swings it in & the ball is met by Chiuvu"s powerful header which beats Buffon on 65 minutes. 0-1.

Italy desperately can"t score and have sầu chance after chance before on 88 minutes, De Rossay đắm slips Del Piero through on the half way line. Rat races baông xã and takes hlặng out from behind. He earns a straight red but by sacrificing himself he earned Romania the three points. 0-1.

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France v Holland

News filters through of Romania"s win and the need khổng lồ win increases for Les Bleus. Holland"s need is greater though as anything less than three points will effectively over their virtual challenge.

France kiông xã off with the successful partnership of Henry & Benzema, both going extremely cthua thảm but Van der Saar stops both shots. Nasri feeds Ribery and he beats the Dutch keeper but the woodwork saves Holl&.

Just before half time, Hollvà break with Robben racing down the wing & cuts it baông chồng for Van der Vaart, his deflected shot falls lớn the feet of Sneijder and he slots it trang chính on 44 minutes. 0-1.

After the break Holland continue their assault of Coupet"s goal. Van Nistelrooy and Sneijder go cthua kém and then Engelaar hits narrowly wide. Just as France began lớn show some attacking promise, Holland break again. Substitutes combine as van Persie races down the touchline & his cross finds Huntelaar and the result is inevitable on 77 minutes. 0-2.


Holl& & Romania hit baông chồng amazingly to lớn sink France & Italy. Amazingly all four sides sit on four points with the same goal difference but Italy và Holland lead on goals scored.


Group D returns tomorrow with Spain, Sweden, Greece & Russia back in action.