Summary – Onyx Studio 3 by Harman Kardon

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 is easily one of the best công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speakers in terms of sound performance. The entire speaker comes with a dedicated 2 x 75milimet tweeter and 2 x 20mm tweeter system that produces up lớn a whopping 60W of power when connected to lớn a power outlet, & up to 30W of power when running on battery power. The Onyx Studio 3 can connect to lớn almost any wireless device & also comes equipped with Công nghệ Bluetooth 4.1 công nghệ with transmitter modulation for a smoother & steadier audio transmission. The battery life on this speaker is a good 5 hours of continuous playtime with its integrated rechargeable battery. The good thing about the Oynx Studio 3 is that it can pair with another Oynx Studio 3 for dual sound performance – this is especially useful if you need a bigger soundstage in an open environment. It also comes equipped with a microphone for you lớn make hands không tính tiền calls with the speaker & is also equipped with noise and eđến cancellation technology. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that really delivers in terms of sound performance & has a very good aesthetic appeal with an exquisite design.

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The Pros và Cons

The Pros. Excellent sound performance, with very good bass response & crisp highs. The sound performance on the Onyx Studio 3 is nearly theatre-lượt thích, with deep frequency response & stunning vocal reproduction that makes watching movies or streaming music a very enjoyable experience. The Onyx Studio 3 is also portable and can be easily transported around which is a definite added plus. You can also pair up to two Onyx Studio 3s together to lớn create a much wider soundstage.

The Cons. The Onyx Studio 3 has an average battery life span of 4 to lớn 5 hours depending on the volume. This is in part due to lớn the powerful acoustic drivers that can run up khổng lồ 30Ws on battery power. It is also relatively more expensive sầu when compared khổng lồ other portable Bluetooth không dây speakers.

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Sound Performance


We loved the sound quality of the Onyx Studio 3 straight out of the box. The entire speaker produces a good 60W of pure power when connected to lớn a power outlet, which gives plenty of sound that can easily fill up a large room or outdoor backyard with ease. The sound performance of the Onyx Studio 3 is phenomenal – the highs and midrange are crisp, clear and detailed, & the sound had depth & a màn chơi of sophistication that is usually only present with higher-end speakers. The bass response on the Onyx Studio 3 is powerful and impactful, & you can really feel the bass reverberate through the room while playing your favorite music or watching movies. This is enhanced by the dual passive radiators which enhance the clarity and the impact of the low end frequency – grenade explosions in an Avengers movies sounded stunning & impactful. It does feel lượt thích the Onyx Studio 3 speaker was built lượt thích a mini home theatre sound system, except that it is portable & has wireless connectivity included. If you are looking for one of the best wireless speakers that produce home-theatre lượt thích sound, the Onyx Studio 3 definitely comes cthua trận.


The exterior kiến thiết of the Onyx Studio 3 is sleek & modern, & fits very well inlớn almost any home setting – the speaker is built to lớn stand on its ‘legs’ which looks pretty cool after setting it up. The speaker exterior is crafted with high-over materials & aluminium, which compliments and blends into most rooms easily. We also liked the unique oval shape appearance of this speaker and we recommover purchasing an additional carrying case for you to take it on the go due to lớn its slightly bulkier kích cỡ. The speaker comes with the standard power cord for you to charge it when plugged inkhổng lồ an electrical outlet. Do note that due to lớn power constraints, the Studio 3 speaker will play at 30 Watts when running on battery life và 60 Watts when connected khổng lồ an electrical outlet. The battery life provides a nice 5 hours of playtime at medium volume, but vì expect faster battery depletion at higher or maximum volume.

Bluetooth không dây Performance

The wireless công nghệ Bluetooth không dây range on the Studio 3 is a good 30 – 35 feet & we did not experience any performance dips while using the wireless connection. The sound quality was also very good while using the wireless connection & there was no noticeable drop in sound chất lượng while streaming music. The microphone feature on this speaker also sounds clear & you can take hands không tính tiền calls without any issues. The great thing about the Oynx Studio 3 is that you can pair two Studio 3s together via wireless connection for a much larger, synchronised sound that is perfect for larger parties or multi-room listening.

The Verdict?

We have sầu no doubt that the Onyx Studio 3 is really one of the best Bluetooth không dây speakers that can produce incredible sound performance that rivals that of high-over speakers. The sound performance of the Studio 3 is simply breath-taking – we enjoyed listening khổng lồ every bit of music from these speakers with incredibly clear midrange, crisp highs & impactful bass. The bass goes deep and low, and makes it feel as if you have a mini home page theatre thiết đặt while this speaker. We have no doubt that Harman Kardon really hit a trang chính run with these speakers. The kiến thiết of the Studio 3 is sleek, modern và top-notch, & will blkết thúc in easily inkhổng lồ your trang chính or room décor with its light aluminium cover. At the time of writing, the Onyx Studio 3 is now selling at an amazing 70% discount, so don’t forget to lớn kiểm tra it out!

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