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What"s Hot: Durable build, thin và light for a thiết bị di động workstation, plenty of ports.

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What"s Not: Internals aren"t sản phẩm điện thoại workstation caliber-- more like Ultrabook internals in a bigger, sturdier body toàn thân.


Reviewed April 27, 2016 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief (twitter:


HPhường Mobile workstations are varied animals--some are large và heavy laptops with enough power to help you kiến thiết the next Chevy or BMW. Others are not quite so heavy, not so powerful but are still durable và serviceable for upgrades. Those are the kind of laptops your IT department loves--the price won"t break the corporation"s bank, và the IT folks can fix or replace most anything that breaks. Want more RAM? No problem! Swap the HDD or SSD? Done. The CPU và GPU might not be a CAD designer"s professional dream machine, but it has enough oomph lớn get some drawings with a hundred parts done in AutoCAD. That"s the HP ZBook 15u G3.

Despite similar names, don"t confuse our ZBook 15u with the ZBook Studio (also thin and light, but $800 more expensive sầu and more powerful) or the ZBook 15 (heavier but more powerful). The ZBook 15u has an Ultrabook CPU in a điện thoại workstation chassis--an interesting take on mobile workstations that HPhường. and Lenovo have sầu been offering for a few years. Even Dell got into lớn the act on the gaming front with the Alienware 13, a gaming laptop that has a fairly powerful graphics thẻ but an Ultrabook dual core CPU. Since games và 3D kiến thiết programs often rely on the graphics card more than the CPU, it"s a reasonable thing lớn try; particularly if it brings weight và thickness down, allows for a smaller charger và drops the price a little bit. The ZBook 15u however opts for the less powerful AMD FirePro W4190M 2GB DDR5 dedicated graphics that sits at the bottom of AMD"s line, rather than the beefier GPUs in the competition. Is this the right way khổng lồ go, especially if you want a Smartphone workstation that won"t skết thúc you khổng lồ the chiropractor or a loan shark? Read on!


Specs at a Glance

The HP ZBook 15u G3u runs Windows 10 on Intel 6th generation dual core, 15 watt Ultrabook CPUs rather than the quad core 45 watt powerhouse CPUs in the non-u HPhường ZBook 15, Dell Precision 15 5000 series and Lenovo ThinkPad P50. It has the low kết thúc CAD oriented AMD FirePro W4190M 2GB DDR5 graphics thẻ, và can house up lớn 32 gigs of RAM in two slots. It has an has SSD boot drive sầu và a conventional 2.5" hard drive sầu for high capacity storage. It"s available with 1080p & 4K displays in two quality levels (TN và IPS). Despite its Smartphone workstation status, the ZBook 15u weighs just 4.18 lbs. and is 0.78" thiông xã.

Design & Ergonomics

The laptop looks every bit like a ZBook rather than a consumer Ultrabook. It"s beefy, built lượt thích a tank và passes MIL Spec 810G tests for humidity and shochồng resistance. It"s a dark gray machine that"s easy to grip and hold. The backlit keyboard deông xã is fairly rigid with just a little bit of flex in the center (you won"t notice unless you"re a very heavy-handed typist). The máy vi tính weighs just 4.18 lbs., which is quite light for a workstation, but given the fairly low powered CPU và graphics thẻ in this mã sản phẩm, we"re less impressed.

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The Synaptics trackpad has dedicated right & left cliông chồng buttons (nice!) as does the eraser stichồng pointer. It"s a well behaved trackpad & the buttons are just right--not too stiff and not too mushy.

The laptop doesn"t get hot on top or bottom. The low power CPU và GPU combined with plenty of internal space for heat dispersal & cooling mean you won"t get sweaty hands or legs.

Internals and Upgrades

The bottom panel is removable for repairs and upgrades, but your IT department will die a little each time they have sầu khổng lồ vày it. Most Smartphone workstations are fairly easy lớn open và the battery is removable. With the ZBook 15u, the battery is sealed inside (a concession to the slyên design) and there are 11 Phillips head screws that must be removed to access the internals. One of those screws is hidden under the SD card slot plastic blank. The rest are under little rubber plugs that are best removed using a fingernail (sharp, pointy tools might tear them). These plugs vary in shape & thickness lớn match the contours of the laptop. Best to lay them out on the table in a rectangle to lớn more easily rethành viên which one goes where. Ouch. Once you open it up the internals are easy to access: two RAM slots, an M.2 SSD slot, a 2.5" drive bay, socketed Hãng sản xuất Intel 8260 WiFi thẻ and the battery.



We have the 1920 x 1080 full HD touch screen in for reviews. This is a TN panel with mediocre viewing angles & weak contrast that even for the business world seems a bit out of date. màu sắc gamut isn"t good, but the 280 nits (measured) brightness is adequate for use in the office or at trang chính. The laptop"s base panel represents 79% of sRGB và 1/2 of Adobe RGB, far from the extremely wide color gamut of HP"s Dream Màu sắc displays & below the consumer máy vi tính average in this price range of full sRGB và 75% of Adobe RGB. That means this panel isn"t a good choice for designers or photo & đoạn phim editors. The more expensive sầu IPS display options are a little brighter & have wider color gamut, thankfully.

This is the sort of panel you"ll have to lớn angle forward and baông chồng to lớn find the sweet spot for best viewing. For those who don"t want a touchscreen, HP. also offers the base 1080p TN "standard viewing angle" panel in non-touch khung. I strongly recommend going with the 1080p or 4K "wide viewing angle" IPS displays instead for better viewing angles, contrast and color. There"s no HP. Dream Màu sắc wide gamut display option for the 15u--it truly is a lovely display that we enjoyed when reviewing the larger, heavier & more expensive sầu standard HPhường. ZBook 15.