La roche


Love the brand

Looking good after a week! But my skin is sensitive so I can't speak for everyone just my opinion.

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I Wanted To Love It

Unfortunately this sản phẩm did not agree with my skin. I only used it once và it looked lượt thích I had a sunburn. I will say, the active acne I had went away quickly but there is no way I’d be able khổng lồ use this sản phẩm again.



Great product! Was searching for something to lớn clear up adult acne and this is the answer. If you are on the fence, tìm kiếm no more. Very affordable and easy khổng lồ use as well!


I am amazed by this 3-step product. I'm going through menopause và have had a lot of breakouts & nothing seemed to lớn help. I could notice a difference in my skin in just two days; I've sầu been using this system for about 3 weeks now and have sầu not had any new breakouts. It has been rather drying on my sensitive sầu skin but I am using more moisturizer and my skin is slowly adapting.One side note - I have sầu rosacea và the first few days I decided that I wouldn't use my Rx gel just to lớn see what would happen. To my surprise, it hasn't resurfaced which is a huge plus to lớn me, the less products I have sầu to lớn use, the better.

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Really easy to lớn use

It came in pretty straightforward packaging with clear (no pun intended) instructions. I've tried their foaming face wash, and to be perfectly honest, I prefer that to lớn the gel cleanser that came with this system. My face still felt clean after washing with the gel. The toner came out a little quickly, but it was effective, and it smelled great. Then the duo goes on smoothly, doesn't smell lượt thích anything, và doesn't overly dry my skin. I still used my nighttime moisturizer, so that may have helped.

This really works!

I have been battling adult/hormonal acne for years và have tried everything from facials with mild peels to brightening cleansers, facial brushes, và Retin-A. While these things sometimes made the acne better, they also seemed to exacerbate it as well. I was about to go khổng lồ the dermatologist & get a prescription for something to help, but then I thought I'd give these products a try. I am very impressed by the difference this has made in my skin in a short amount of time. It does bring some acne to lớn the surface by cleaning out the pores, but my oily areas are much improved & clearer and brighter. It also has been good about not drying out my skin, which was a concern. I still use my regular treatment products & moisturizer in the drier parts of my face and use the spot treatment where there are problems. I highly recommkết thúc trying this hàng hóa if you've sầu also had acne problems that you couldn't resolve sầu.

Fav Acne System so far

I love this acne system. I have found when I use the individual products with others it doesn't work as well.

Excellent Product!

Excellent product for my skin! This is the clearest my skin has been with any hàng hóa since the birth of my third child. After breastfeeding my skin went haywire, và this is the only hàng hóa I found that has regulated my skin. I still get a couple small breakouts but they clear so much faster when they vày happen!

Effaclar 3-Step Acne System - YES

I did not purchase for myself but for a college student granddaughter. Her acne reoccurs when stressed during the semester. I purchased after reading many positive review on this trang web and my own personal experience La Roche-Posay products for the past 30-35 year. My granddaughter was amazed at her positive sầu results only after two weeks of use. She continues to use khổng lồ keep her áp lực related acne in kiểm tra. From my granddaughter’s positive results, I cannot recommover this product enough and the price cannot be beat. (I checked into other acne systems when researching and their prices were exorbitant)!


The gel cleanser in this phối is my only staple. I prefer the regular Effaclar toner, for me it's less irritating. My skin is oily, problematic, sensitive, and aging.

Works well!

I bought this for my 17 year old son. It actually works well for hyên. It's a struggle khổng lồ get hyên khổng lồ use all three steps though. The unexpected bonus was that my 14 year old daughter who has keratosis pilaris started using it và it has helped the bumps on her face.

Works great for the price

Only giving it a 4 because I still have some breakouts but only used it for 5 weeks. It feels amazing in my skin và will continue khổng lồ use it.

A 3-step system that actually works!

I have adult acne and have tried many products in the past with minimal success. The 3-step Effaclar system works great! I've now used the hàng hóa for a week and I have sầu seen a noticeable decrease in acne. I'm surprised how fast the system has worked. Follow up with a great moisturizer và your skin will thank you!