Review Phấn Shiseido Baby Powder

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BBs! How are you? I haven’t been feeling my best lately so in-depth reviews and features are scarce lately. Sorry if the blog has been bombarding you with press releases & events lately. Well now that I found some time, I was able khổng lồ write a few skincare and product posts for the next few days. Today we’ll be reviewing Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder (pressed). This is quite popular for years now because it’s cheap, controls oil daw, and gentle on the skin. I wonder how it fares? Continue reading my full thoughts below

Price: 329php-450php


Flash Review: Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder

Description:  Refreshes skin and absorbs oil for a shine-free complexion; formulated with mild ingredients that are gentle on all skin types, even baby skin; treats rashes, allergies, và other blemishes; won’t cause breakouts; comes in pressed powder form with original fluffy puff that reduces any wastage


Packaging -It comes in a quite bulky twist-off aqua colored plastic container. Coverage – Zero coverage and doesn’t leave a trắng cast Texture – Not the silkiest I’ve felt, it’s a little bit grainy.

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Scent – A faint mint scent that’s quite pleasant. Longevity – Quite nice, it kept my face matte for 3 hours despite the humid & hot weather in Lipa during the day I gave it a road-test


PROS – I love how it managed lớn control my oilies and sweat. It also kept my foundation looking good and intact for the day. It doesn’t leave a white cast nor does it aggrevate pimples. It felt light as air on the skin, very comfortable!

CONS – The bulky packaging. It takes up a lot of space in the bag. Well of course, it has a whopping 50g of product. I feel lượt thích this powder is emphasizing my clogged pores when used as setting powder for makeup


Final Thoughts – It’s one of the better setting powders I’ve tried. You can also use it alone if you’re the “pulbo-cheektint” kinda gal because it sort of blurs the pores on your face while keeping it matte. Just the way you lượt thích it right?