Son Lì 2 Tone Màu Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bar 2G


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Laneige is one of my favourite Korean beauty brands but, strangely enough, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with their two tone bars. I think the concept of them is genius và I love the colour range/packaging/promotional imagery of them all, but I bởi vì have some pet peeves with them as well. In fact, their Two Tone Eye Bar was such a massive disappointment for me that I literally never reached for it again. Và yet, I vì chưng continue to buy and try every single new two tone bar that they release and I honestly think that I will continue anyway just so I can support their brand & the concept of these. I don’t want them lớn stop!

Their latest release is the Two Tone Matte Lip Bar and these are super new – in fact, I don’t think that I’ve seen many online stores carry this product yet (though please correct me if I’m wrong). However, StyleKorean does carry the entire collection & so they sent over two of the shades for me lớn try out. This is similar khổng lồ the original Two Tone Lip Bar, but has a matte formula that is more in-line with cosplay trends. Whilst Western beauty is moving from matte lớn gloss, I feel like Korean beauty is moving from subtle tints to deeper mattes lately.

For this product, the two shades I chose khổng lồ try out is Burgundy Mood and Powershoulder Pink – I purposefully chose one dark & one light shade so that I could see any differences in formula and application. Personally, I feel lượt thích this matte formula speaks to lớn me more than the original & I definitely reach for them more! For people who like traditional matte bullet lipsticks but also love gradient lips và softer applications, this is going khổng lồ be right up your alley!

So, read on for my full review.



The packaging for this Two Tone Matte Lip Bar is very similar to lớn the original – the reflective box packaging, which looks very high end & classy, is almost exactly the same. It has the shades marked up top.

Once you open it up, you get the similar tube kiến thiết from the previous ones. It has a rectangular shape, which makes them easier to lớn store than round lipsticks, and the bottom is colour coded with the darker side of the gradient. Personally, I would prefer if it was colour coded with both colours as I often use similar shades và get confused when I have too many of them together.

The cap clicks off and you have khổng lồ push the lever downwards to lớn push the bullet up. Make sure you don’t bởi vì this with the cap still on because it will very quickly damage the product.

I have difficulty with this lever still và I really wish that they would improve it – the button is small and I sometimes have to use two hands lớn push it down properly. I also find it confusing that pushing down brings the product up. My mind keeps telling me that it works the opposite way. This is the same gripe that I had with the original.

However, one thing that I have to applaud Laneige for is that they always make the tube a little bit different for the different ranges. The original was white & black, the tint bar was a light pink & the eyeshadow had a rose gold cap. This one is made entirely of a matte rose chrome plastic (how appropriate) và helps it stand out boldly from the rest. Overall, I think that the thiết kế of it looks great!


Formula và Product Claims

This sản phẩm has three four key points, which I have summarised below:

High-coloration matte color meets velvet lip primer!The inside (the darker shade) is a strong, highly pigmented matte lipstick formula while the other side claims to be a ‘velvet finish blur primer’ which prevents lips from feeling dry but also maintains that matte look.Matte outside, moist insideThe matte shade (the darker shade) uses a gel formula (whilst other matte lipsticks will use a powder pigment formula) lớn give a comfortable matte look without emphasising dry lips.

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Quick cảm ứng gradationThe gradient effect is quickly achieved with the diagonal cut design, giving a clean and professional look.Highly vivid màu sắc with micro pigmentLong-lasting highly vivid màu sắc with fine micro pigment.

As with the other Laneige Two Tone Bars, they have a fairly decent colour range. These bars come in a total of ten shade combinations, ranging from natural rose colours, bright orange và pink combinations & even burgundy và browns. For a Korean brand, I find that they are quite experimental with their shade range, though I vị wish that they will come out with more cool tones (like mauves & nude) in the future.

The Lip Bar is indeed very easy lớn apply but, because most of these colour combinations are quite pigmented (i.e the lighter shade is also quite opaque), the gradient is not always so obvious – as you will be able to see in the lip swatches below. I find that, if you want a very strong gradient, it is best not khổng lồ press your lips together but rather blend it carefully with your finger. Otherwise, the colours vị gradient together to lớn create a very natural shade that varies just enough to make your lips look a bit more plump và doll-like.


Personal Experience

I definitely love the pigmentation of these lip bars & I also lượt thích that I can either apply it once for a softer look, or build the colour up with a few swipes to lớn get a very strong gradient (especially with Burgundy Mood, which can be super vampy). I think that the above swatches don’t fully show how strong the gradient can be – as I took these photos as a first impression – but is an example of how I would typically wear it without building it up. I wore these throughout the days & I found that the lipstick didn’t fade patchy or odd.

It definitely has a matte finish but it isn’t drying on the lips. I have no problem reapplying it through the day & I don’t need a balm underneath it. All in all, it’s actually a surprisingly comfortable formula! That being said, I find that the lighter shades definitely emphasise dry patches (although the darker ones are much better), so it is best to use their Lip Sleeping Mask or a lip scrub before hand. If you have a problem with dry lips or dead skin, then I would recommend going for a darker shade rather than these bright, lighter ones. For that reason, I bởi vì reach for Burgundy Mood a lot more than Powershoulder Pink – but that is also because I lượt thích vampy lips.

Longevity wise, these lipsticks vì transfer even though they have a matte finish. They will stay on the lips unless you eat or drink, but otherwise won’t leave you with the dreaded ring of pigment. It also doesn’t stain the lips much. The product is very easy lớn reapply throughout the day.

The colour swatches are also fairly accurate khổng lồ what I see in the official photos, although those are obviously photoshopped, so I would be confident lớn choose my shade based on that.

And so, that’s my experience with it. Here’s my verdict!


A matte lipstick version of the two tone lip bar


Bold, matte chrome finish packagingLooks classy & luxeDecent colour range (10 shades of a good variety)Bold almost opaque pigment for both sides that can be built up easilyGives a quick và effective gradient look that can be built upVery matte finish that is comfortable on the lips – not dryingEasy khổng lồ reapply


Lever can be hard lớn push up downLighter shades emphasise dry lipsTransfers


| 5/5COMFORT | 5/5FINISH | 4/5LONG WEARING | 4/5



For people who like matte lipsticks and gradient lips, then I would recommend these. I personally really enjoy using these, especially the darker shade, & I think I might actually collect more of them in the future (let’s be real – of course I will)! Personally, I also prefer this matte formula to the original as I find it looks a lot more flattering on the lips and, whilst it still emphasising dry lips, it isn’t as bad.

For people who have dry lips & want something that is much ore hydrating, or with a more glossy & natural look, I would instead recommend checking out the Two Tone Tint Bars. With all of the formulas that Laneige have released, I’m now fairly certain that there is something for everyone!


If you want to lớn get your hands on the Two Tone Matte Lip Bar, it is selling on StyleKorean for USD$19.63. You can also click the below banner khổng lồ go lớn their homepage and check out everything else that they have on offer: