Netflix"s revisionist take on the legendary ghost story underlines the fact that trang chủ is where the horror is — and that"s what sets it apart

All homes filled with dysfunctional families are alike; each house cursed by ghostly manifestations of past and present sins is haunted in its own way.

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Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of a decrepit, rotting mansion populated by things that go bump in the night (and in the psyche) is considered by many lớn be the ne plus ultra of possessed-dwelling tales. The Guardian named it “the definitive haunted house story”; The new york Times declared that it had “the greatest opening paragraph in the history of horror”; no less than Stephen King, a man who knows a thing or two about the allure of paranormal activity with an appreciation for property value, said it featured “the finest character khổng lồ come out of new American gothic tradition.” He was talking about Eleanor Vance, one of several “assistants” handpicked by a doctor khổng lồ study specters roaming the house’s hallways and bedchambers. He could have been referring to Hill House as well — less four walls và a roof than a villain that’s “not sane … holding darkness within.” This is not anthropomorphizing a place.

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This is establishing your true protagonist.

It’s the source material for Robert Wise’s The Haunting, a 1963 movie that’s Greatest-of-All-Time canon fodder for those who take horror films very seriously (out of a sense of charity & good will towards our fellow man, we’ll never speak of the 1999 big-screen adaptation again). It may or may not have helped inspire the name of The House on Haunted Hill, a ballyhoo-filled Vincent Price vehicle that came out the same year as the novel; it almost assuredly cast its shadow over Richard Matheson’s 1971 novel Hell House and its 1973 British film adaptation. Regardless, the DNA of Jackson’s extraordinary ghost story can be found in virtually every modern haunted-house narrative that came after it. And now, because it is the Year of Our Lord 2018 và every recognizable property must inevitably be turned into a multiversed franchise or a multi-episode TV show, we have been given a Netflix series that takes the name of the book & runs with it. This is not your father’s Hill House, however — a sentiment that takes on new meaning once you’ve squirmed your way through all 10 hours of this left-field horror-TV hit.