UPDATE: Better battery life & a bigger screen improve on excellence - & two new colours are available now too

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Let’s put things into perspective: the S7 Edge was 5.5in & the chú ý 7 was 5.7in, but the S8+ towers over them both at 6.2in.

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Or at least, it does on paper: stripping away the screen bezels to lớn almost nothing & switching to a skinny 18.5:9 aspect ratio makes this the most manageable big-screen phone… well, possibly ever.

Take a look at the spec sheet and there doesn’t seem khổng lồ be much difference between the S8+ and its smaller brother, but for a điện thoại that’s mostly screen, it could translate lớn a world of difference in real-world use.

It’s time lớn answer the age-old question of whether bigger really does mean better.



Last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge was easily one of the best-looking phones in the world – and yet it might as well be wearing bellbottoms & winklepickers next to the S8+. This glorious mixture of metal & glass feels every bit the premium phone.

Samsung has done more than refine the design: it has stripped away the bezels & buttons khổng lồ make room for an eye-catching screen that almost completely fills the front of the phone.

With the display switched off, it’s an inky, slender slab of mystery. Whichever colour you choose, the front of the phone will always be uniformly black – so you can’t tell where the top & bottom bezels end & the display begins.

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That screen curves subtly around the sides, too. Nothing else comes close in terms of looks.

A 6.2in phone might sound impossibly tall, but the S8+ is actually around the same height as the 5.5in iPhone 7 Plus, & slim enough to make Apple’s slimmest phone ever look lượt thích a fat kid that loves cake.

Samsung’s compact combination of metal và glass might be taller và skinnier than other phones, on trương mục of the odd 18.5:9 aspect ratio, but that just makes the S8+ easier khổng lồ hold. Even if you’ll still struggle to reach the vị trí cao nhất of the screen without some serious finger yoga.

You’ll notice there’s no physical home button – once a hallmark of every Galaxy phone. In its place is a virtual trang chủ key, which responds with haptic feedback to lớn let you know you’ve hit the right spot. It might feel a bit odd at first, but like the solid state trang chủ key on the iPhone 7, it won’t take long khổng lồ adjust.

The fingerprint sensor has been forced to lớn the back khổng lồ make room for those tiny bezels. It sits a little too close to lớn the camera lens, so you’ve got khổng lồ watch out for smudges and smears showing up in your selfies, but fast, accurate iris scanning means you won’t be using it all that often.

The whole thing is IP68 water-resistant, to lớn survive any accidental dunkings, and there’s room at the bottom for a speaker, reversible USB-C charging port, và a headphone jack. Sorry Apple, Samsung isn’t interested in your cable-free future just yet.