Soundbar 150W 2

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It"s worth of money, i loved it, super looking thing & also chất lượng sound, wonderfull subwooffer, it is almost acting lượt thích my JBL and BOSE sound chất lượng, it"s good looking. Works pretty well for my office...

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Overall its good for bass lover... But treble is only 60% và nice kiến thiết và big subwoofer. Very loud enough for a DJ Party in house. U can"t bear its bass that much high it is. Cons: 1. No HDXiaoMi MI input but Optical đầu vào available. 2. When playing USB pendrive songs each time it starts from starting song also 3. no numbers on remote khổng lồ select particular song. 4. BT playing songs are not that much clear và low audio Pros: 1. Nice remote can be operated from any corner of room 2. Very loud an...
very good sound chất lượng but volume is not so high at maximum level & clarity in music is very good và no distortion at max cấp độ and Dolby atmos is too good everything is excellent but 4 stars is because of price if has been below 10k I have given 5 stars
Excellent sound chất lượng and marvellous bass. Much better tha JBL, SONY, PHILIPS. I purchased it for 7k. Happy Deal.

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best buy.if you are looking for a sound bar in budget this could bring the kết thúc to lớn your search.just that it don"t have sầu a HDMI port .other than its perfect.Loved the boom boom out from the woofer,getting satisfying comments from friends though .
Best hàng hóa in this price range. I am using this since 14 day & just loved it. Balanced sound with deep baas.
My 20x15 sqft hall cant handle the base!!! I read a lot of comments saying the treable/ sound bar sound is low, but i think thats the way it should be, else it would be too noisy under all levels which means neibours arent gonmãng cầu be happy!.. this is the best if u wanna live sầu the loud + high bass as well as quiet-rich bass life. This is the perfect blend for the price
Excellent product, awesome crystal clear voice, within the time period I got the product as well as service engineer install that very next day... Superb