Today I"m going to lớn be talking about the Secret Key Snow White Milky Paông xã và Cream! I purchased these brightening skincare products in Taipei, but these are found in almost all online Asian cosmetic & skincare stores! These products clayên to make the skin whiter & more "beautiful", so I would like khổng lồ take a moment khổng lồ say that you don"t need Trắng skin khổng lồ be beautiful. If you lượt thích having dark skin, tan skin or pale skin & you think that aspect is beautiful, then great! ^.^ Having trắng skin does not automatically make you beautiful.


Just apply và wash out, và Whitening Paông xã will brighten your complexion. It"s quiông xã absorption will not make it rub off on clothes, và it"s smooth texture will make application very easy. Whitening agent niacinamide will multiply the whitening effects. It will provide moisture khổng lồ keep skin soft and relieve irritated skin. Your skin will look most natural & brilliant, making you look more beautiful. Your skin will look và feel brighter with continued use.

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The Milky Paông chồng comes housed in a sturdy plastic squeeze tube. There"s a surprisingly large amount of the paông xã because you can actually use this pack on your entire body toàn thân (though I would stay away from sensitive areas!!).


It"s not water soluble, which makes this Paông xã really weird lớn remove. I see a lot of "before & afters" that have such dramatic results, but all it is is that the pachồng leaves a White residue on skin when not fully removed like in the picture below.
Here is the Paông chồng on my sweet face! You"re supposed lớn leave it on for a couple of minutes và gently wash it off. No scrubbing or face cloths required. I take that lớn mean that you"re supposed to lớn leave sầu the residue on your face for the whitening effect because there is no way that this washes off without a face cloth.
See any whitening of the skin here? Nope. Niacinamide is a whitening agent that works slowly over time, so I"d need lớn use it at least once a week khổng lồ get long term results. This mask claims instant results, but I can"t stand leaving the residue on my skin so it"s not happening for me.
Provides healthy complexion for dull or makeup-less skin for bright & luminous look. Applies lightly on skin without oily or sticky sensation, for soft và lustrous skin. Also, whitening agent niacinamide suppresses the formation of melanin, for gorgeous skin tone. Soft moisture is delivered deep inlớn skin for energetic, resilient skin. In place of thichồng base makeup, just use Snow White Princess Cream for beautiful skin. It"s an all-in-one makeup that needs no other. It will adhere closely to sebum to lớn prsự kiện oiliness, making the need for makeup retouching not as frequent. Also, it prevents pores from enlarging due to sebum, for baby-like skin. Natural amino acid moisturiser betaine extracted from sugar beets provides suppleness & resilience lớn skin.

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The Snow White Cream comes packaged in an adorable, yet not so secure plastic jar. I love that the jar is plastic because if I drop it it"ll bounce rather than shatter, but the lid doesn"t look lượt thích it seals very well, so I need to lớn replace the inside cap every time I use the cream. This cream does come with a little spatula which I love sầu, it means that the cream stays hygienic and doesn"t get under my long nails!
This cream has a really interesting texture, it"s super soft và almost melts like butter when being spread. It has a very distinct scent, almost lượt thích a soft baby powder scent. I don"t mind this at all, but fragrances can be really irritating to lớn sensitive sầu skin, so just be aware of that!
This cream does leave sầu a while cast on my face, which is what it claims khổng lồ bởi vì. However, if I apply too much or two layers of the cream you can literally see the cream pilling up (rolling off in wee balls) and it clings khổng lồ my fingers! It claims lớn control oil & help makeup stay fresher for longer, but I haven"t seen any of that at all.
I can see the difference between the left side of my h& (no cream) & the right (Snow White Cream)! The right side is so much smoother và brighter than the left.
I can see a very small difference between the below before & after on my face because my face is paler than my hands (dam driving tan!). I really like popping this cream on for days where I don"t want khổng lồ wear make up, but want to look like the same colour.
Do make sure that it"s thoroughly patted inkhổng lồ the skin though, I thought that I had gotten all traces of the cream but I had a lot of trắng streaks around my eyebrows! >
- Cream has unstable packaging- Too much cream can result in flakey/pilling of product- Cream needs lớn be thoroughly patted inlớn the skin- Cream doesn"t control excess oil/sebum- Cream doesn"t help makeup look better or last longer- Mask leaves a gross residue on the face
I am not particularly fussed with either of these products to lớn be entirely honest. I don"t really like that they promote only trắng skin as being beautiful because it"s simply not true, brightening the skin is totally fine, but the Milky Pack basically leaves a weird White layer on your skin which is probably going khổng lồ look unnatural on most skin tones.The Milky Pack does whiten the skin, but it does it by leaving a residue on the skin which I vì not lượt thích one bit. I"m sure it would whiten the skin after some time due khổng lồ the Niacinamide, but I just think that the pure White residue left behind on the skin will look so ghostly for most darker skin tones.The Cream does work nicely when I"m using it lớn lighten my skin by one shade (my neck is lighter than my face) but it has very little hydration, unstable packaging, doesn"t control excess oil, doesn"t make my 3D last longer & is highly fragrances which is irritating for some sensitive skin.I would recommkết thúc the Milky Paông xã for any Princesses looking lớn drastically whiten their skin but don"t have sensitivity lớn Niacinamide. I would recommkết thúc the Cream to any Princesses looking lớn lighten their face by one shade, but not looking for a moisturiser, more of a Cosplay base.