Shiseido Aqualabel White Care Cream 50G

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What makes a good toner? To me, a good toner is one that removes excess impurities, tightens the pores while softening the skin at the same time. If you are looking for a toner that does the above, Shiseibởi AquaLabel White Up Lotion S fits the bill.

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Shiseibởi AquaLabel White Up Lotion comes in different version – S (Light) and R (Moisturizing).

Shiseivày Aqua Label White-up Lotion S

The one labeled with ‘S’ is meant for those with normal lớn combination skin và is the one I’m reviewing today. It is advertised as a toner that lightens dark spots, whitens & gives dull skin a dewy suppleness & long-lasting radiance.

The active, m-Tranexamic Acid is also said to lớn inhibit melanin production.

How well does it live up khổng lồ its claims? We’ll soon find out.

What’s Good about Shiseivì AquaLabel White Up Lotion S?

1. Not Drying

I tover to avoid toners that are drying. If you can see from the pholớn below, the bottle is cchiến bại to lớn being empty. This goes to lớn show how much I’ve sầu enjoyed using Shiseido AquaLabel White Up Lotion.

Almost empty

Shiseivị AquaLabel White Up Lotion contains hyaluronic acid & does well in balancing the moisture cấp độ of the skin without stripping it of its essential moisture.

2. Comfortable Application

The clear liquid with water-thin consistency feels great on the face. It absorbs well, leaving the skin supple without any khung of stickiness. Among muốn the four toners that I have sầu with me right now, this is the one I’ll naturally reach for 80% of the time.

It’s watery

3. Refreshing Scent

Shiseibởi vì AquaLabel White Up Lotion has a nice scent which is described as a rose-mist fragrance. I think it smells so much better than a typical rose scent. I’m not good in describing smell, but let’s just say that it’s ultra-refreshing.

4. No Additional Dark Spots

Shiseibởi vì AquaLabel White Up Lotion is said khổng lồ inhibit melanin production. From the time I started using this toner, I did not develop additional dark spots.

While Shiseido Aqua Label White Up Lotion might have sầu played a role in preventing pigmentation, it’ll be naive to lớn liên kết this outcome solely khổng lồ the use of the lotion. Applying sunscreen religiously và keeping a sun-avoidance lifestyle may have sầu helped too. 

What’s Bad?

1. No Visible Fading of Dark Spots As with most toners, it is hard khổng lồ see a significant improvement in before-after application. Toner normally requires an extensive period of application to see results (if any).

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What I can conclude in confidence is that I did not see any visible fading of dark spots. Though my skin has brightened up a lot during the past few months, I am less eager to attribute the change solely to this toner as it may also be the combination result of my use of Vitamin C serum & regular at-home page peels.


If you are looking for a basic toner that smells great, is non-drying & preps the skin for subsequent step of the skincare regimen, Shiseivày Aqualabel White-up Lotion is a decent basic option. Rating: 4/5.

However, if you want something that lightens your pigmentation, then this doesn’t quite vì chưng the job. In fact, I don’t think many toners in the market vị. It may be better investing your money in a good vitamin C serum.



1. The Price

Shiseivày Aqua Label White-up Lotion comes in a 200ml bottle & retails for S$26.90 in Singapore.

I can’t rethành viên how much it sells for in nhật bản. A very good deduction (based on other Aqua Label products I bought in Japan) suggests that it may be retailing for about 1200 yen (SGD13.30 or USD10). So this makes it one of the must-buys if you ever visit nhật bản.

2. Grab it at the Airport

There aren’t a lot of drug-store brands available at the nhật bản airport. Luckily, AquaLabel is one of those that’s found at the duty-không tính tiền shops. If you are keen in buying any of the Aqua Label products, vì chưng consider getting them at the airport so as khổng lồ avoid paying the 8% GST.

3. Good as a Gift

The last time I visited nhật bản, I saw Aqua Label being sold in attractive sầu bundles, with each package containing about 3 lớn 4 items. Being affordable và presentable, I think it works well as a gift for cthảm bại friends và family. There were many tourists crowding around the packages, men included.

Would you like it if you were lớn receive sầu this as gift? I know I would.

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