Review Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate


I have always counted my lucky stars for having reasonably un-problematic skin — my danh mục of skin dilemmas usually run the gamut from dry (especially when I’m traveling) to the occasional zit or two (when my hormones get into a tizzy during that time of the month). But it was only after a two-week trip to Europe earlier this year that I recently was afflicted with a skin condition that required me to lớn rethink my entire beauty routine: eczema. As someone who has never had dry, red blotches sporadically suffused over her face, I was suddenly self-conscious of how I look in public sans makeup, & yes, with said patches in all its raw glory.

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There are a few major factors I can attribute the flare-up to, and I now know to always pack heavy-duty moisturising creams when I travel and avoid stressing out over the littlest things. But it was almost impossible lớn continue with my seven-step skincare routine and the like, what with my skin’s super sensitive state … which brings me to lớn today’s beauty review.

After a press trip to lớn Tokyo lớn celebrate the relaunch of Shiseido’s Ultimune nguồn Infusing Concentrate (more details here on why & how it has won so many awards), I was mentally bracing myself on what might happen to my skin in case it flares up after reviewing this serum. Surprise, surprise — it has proven all my feelings of apprehension wrong with its impressive formula.


But first, some technical know-how about the revamped serum: The Ultimune power Infusing Concentrate now comes with potent natural extracts specially picked to lớn improve the skin’s ability lớn defend its own ideal condition. What that means is that the serum will work to strengthen your skin from within — we’re talking reducing skin inflammation along with promoting cell regeneration and skin healing. Botanical ingredients in its formula include Reishi và Iris extract, gingko, thyme và lotus germ.

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It’s interesting to cảnh báo that the Ultimune nguồn Infusing Concentrate is tailored for women who are looking for preventions as opposed to solutions for the skin. Which begets the next point: Protecting your skin first by fortifying it is pretty much the best investment you can make for your skin, instead of splurging on skincare solutions after the damage has occurred.

Here’s my take on the new serum: I use it every morning và evening after cleansing và before moisturising. I have no qualms about its texture — it is non-sticky, absorbs relatively quickly into the skin without leaving any kind of residue, & comes with a pleasant fragrance that isn’t too overwhelming. A first telltale sign that a sản phẩm is a no-no for my eczema-ridden skin is when it stings upon application, & I’m happy to cảnh báo that the serum doesn’t leave my skin with any sort of tingly sensations.


Four weeks later & I can glean some gradual (positive!) differences to my skin. I have yet lớn experience another bout of eczema around my cheek area, which is a sensitive zone & usually is the first khổng lồ react lớn external stressors. No dry patches and red rashes in sight, và my skin texture looks smoother & more refined. I usually refrain from applying excessive foundation, highlighter or blusher around my cheeks for fear of another flare up, but a string of back-to-back work events dictate that I must look my best no matter the cost — and I’m relieved lớn see that my skin is holding up wonderfully despite layering on makeup on a daily basis.

Does it strengthen the skin? I’d say yes. Will it look healthier as well? That box is checked in my books. So if you’re looking for a serum that can power up your skin’s resilience from within, along with giving you an understated glow, you definitely won’t go wrong with the new Shiseido Ultimune power Infusing Concentrate.