No:rinse intensive pore minimizing toner reviews

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What We Like

Spray bottle

Gentle, non-irritating formula

Improves skin tone

What We Don"t Like

Requires multiple pumps

Tower28 is known for its sensitive skin-friendly makeup and skincare formulas. This toner—which comes housed in a firetruck red spray bottle—is wildly popular for its magical ability to soothe, purify, & repair stressed-out skin. It has the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance, so it’s been proven lớn make a difference in eczema flare-ups, but you’ll also find that plenty of fans swear it works lớn calm inflamed acne & perioral dermatitis.

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Hypochlorous acid, AKA the star ingredient, is the reason the formula is so effective at pacifying redness & irritation. According to lớn the brand, hypochlorous acid is similar khổng lồ hyaluronic acid và ceramides in that it’s made by our skin. “Naturally occurring in white blood cells, hypochlorous acid has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties that help fend off foreign pathogens & promotes healing,” the brand’s trang web shares.

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With all that goodness in one bottle, you’ll want to savor every last drop. Thankfully, the spray bottle ensures that there’s no mess, spillage, or accidental use of too much product. Our lab tester loved having the option of applying the toner either to a cotton pad or directly to lớn her face. The watery, lightweight toner comes out of the bottle with ease, and it “soaks into skin within seconds,” she says, noting that her skin felt “more hydrated, glowy, and fresh” after use. Even though the formula has a water-like consistency và comes in a spray bottle, it can take a bit more effort than the average toner. It took our tester about five pumps lớn adequately saturate the cốt tông round.

Price at time of publish: $28

Active ingredients: Hypochlorous acid | Benefits: Calms skin irritation | Size: 4 fl. Oz. | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Clean: Yes

What Our Testers Say

“The Tower28 toner cleansed my skin well. It removed excess grime that my cleanser alone hadn’t picked up. I noticed some residue on my cotton round that I wouldn’t have noticed if I skipped toner and went straight lớn the rest of my skincare. ” — Michelle Cabrera, Tester