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Body booster spf30/pa+++ (350ml) by snailwhite


I’ve been all about sun protection ever since a skin thử nghiệm a few years ago gave me a shocking revelation on how a lack of SPF has damaged my skin. From face care to body care, SPF became an essential part of my routine and I’m always scouting for products that provide just what I need.

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As much as there are a lot of options for face care products that provide enough UVA và UVB protection, body care picks with SPF, for some odd reason, are typically limited to lớn sunscreens for a beach trip. When I heard that the highly-raved bầu skincare brand SNAILWHITE is adding an SPF-packed body toàn thân care product to their line-up here in the Philippines, I just had to lớn give it a whirl. Did theSNAILWHITE toàn thân Boosterearn a spot in my daily routine?

SNAILWHITE body toàn thân Booster, PHP449/~USD9

First impressions, claims & packaging

As I"ve shared in my first impressions takeover on our Instagram stories last month (watch our #StayHomeWithClozette: Beauty First Impressions serieshere
), the first thing that came lớn mind when I laid eyes on the SNAILWHITE toàn thân Booster is its 300ML size. While it isn’t exactly the handiest for travel, it is fitting for someone like me who"s more into constant usage, be it indoors or outdoors.

The product boasts SPF30/PA+++ and claims to work as a sunscreen và nourishing lotion in one. Its formula contains Astaxanthin & Ceramide, which works lớn help brighten, hydrate, và restore dull và damaged skin. Và of course, its star ingredient is the collagen-rich Snail Potion, which is present in all SNAILWHITE products.

The pump has a double-lock feature which is perfect for spill-prone users like me

It comes in a plastic pump bottle in the brand’s classic white, pink và grey aesthetic — nice and clean, in my opinion — and features a double-lock pump (with a clamp and a no-budge twist cap on the pump itself), which is perfect for clumsy folks like me who have the tendency lớn spill or over-squeeze products. On the first impressions department, it looked pretty good so far!

Usage and application

Moving on lớn actual user experience, the first thing I noticed was its scent. It has the same, consistent fresh floral scent as other SNAILWHITE face care products. Just lượt thích what we shared in our previous reviews of their bestsellers, while it can be pleasing to some, those with more sensitive olfactory may find it a tad overwhelming. I personally don’t mind it at all.The texture is quite thick and creamy, which worried me at first as these types of formulas tend to look patchy on my dry skin. I usually opt for water or gel-based SPF products as they glide on và absorb better based on my experience. Luckily, the body toàn thân Booster did not disappoint despite my initial scepticism, as it quickly absorbed and blended into my skin without much stress on application.


(Left) The SNAILWHITE body toàn thân Booster has a thick và creamy consistency; (Right) Comparing the instant brightening effect on my right arm (with the product) versus the left (without the product).

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There was an instant brightening effect — not too much to lớn scare off those with tanner skin tones like mine as the tone "normalises" in under 10 minutes. My skin also didn’t feel tacky or sticky despite our humid weather, which sets it apart from other cream-based lotions and sunscreens in the market that I’ve tried.

Final thoughts

Having tried the SNAILWHITE body Booster for a month, it’s definitely earned a spot in my daily toàn thân care routine. My skin feels softer & even appears visibly healthier despite the short span of time I’ve been using the product. As for its value, it’s definitely a steal at PHP449/~USD9.

While it may lack on the hydration department, especially for those with really dry skin, other skin types would definitely reap the impressive results of this pick better.

As someone with really dehydrated and flaky skin, I wish that the sản phẩm could vì chưng a bit better on the hydration department. I wouldn’t really deduct brownie points from it, though, as it did help lessen my scaling episodes that usually get worse in the summer. Those with normal or less high maintenance skin types (unlike mine) would definitely reap the rewards of this hàng hóa more, in my opinion. If SPF protection holds a special place in your beauty routine — as it should — this is a toàn thân care pick that’s worth adding to your cart.

*The hàng hóa was sent as a press gift. The views and opinion of the reviewer are independent and purely editorial.

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