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Phần ôn tập 1 giúp đỡ bạn học rèn luyện lại một lần nữa về phần phân phát âm, từ bỏ vựng, ngữ pháp và giải pháp sử dụng các kiến thức đó. Nội dung bài viết cung cung cấp hướng dẫn tương tự như gợi ý phương pháp giải bài tập vào sách giáo khoa.



1.Listen và practise saying the sentences. Pay attention to lớn the underlined words.

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Nghe và thực hành nói mọi câu sau. Triệu tập vào đa số từ được gạch ốp chân.

1. My town is nice & peaceful, but it isn"t very big.2. Da Nana Museum of Cham Sculpture attracts a lot of foreign visitors.3. A: Were vou wearing a helmet when you fell offyour bike? B: No, I wasn"t.4. Son: Can I go khổng lồ a các buổi tiệc nhỏ tonight. Mum? Mother: OK, but please don"t make noise whenyou come home.5. A: Mv mum"s really a good friend of mine. B: Is she? Mine is very strict towards me.

2.Look at the underlined words in the sentences và mark them as W (weak) or S (strong). Then listen to kiểm tra and practise.

Nhìn vào phần nhiều từ được gạch ốp chân trong câu và lưu lại W( nhẹ) hoặc S ( mạnh). Nghe để chất vấn và thực hành.


A: Is (_W_) Minh happy about winning the scholaship?B: Yes, he is (_S_). But his parents are (_W_) happier


A: I cant’t (_S_) understand it! Aren’t (_S_) you my son?B: I’m terribly sorry, daad. But it isn’t (_S_) entirely my fault.


A: Pho Hien is (_W_) a very old town in North VietnamB: Is it (_S_)? Where is it (_W_) located?


A: It’s (_W_) raining. Are they (_W_) wearing raincoats?B: She (_S_) is, but she (_S_) isn’t

3. Match the verbs in column A with the words/phrases in column B

Nối rượu cồn từ nghỉ ngơi cột A với từ/ cụm từ nghỉ ngơi cột B


a home business

pull down

high expectations


a handicraft


worried & frustrated

set up



an old building




with someone

reduce pollutionpull down an old buildingempathise with someonemake a handicraftset up a trang chủ businessfeel worried và frustratedhave high expectationsprovide employment

4. Fill each gap with a word from the box

Điền mỗi vị trí trống 1 từ

attraction giant excited interest

fascinating tallest symbol affordable

The London Eye, also known as the MillenrWheel, is a (1)__giant__ observation wheel inLondon. The entire structure is 135 metres (443 ft) tall và the wheel has a diameter 120 metres (394 ft). When erected in 1999 itwas the world"s (2) _tallest_ observation wheel.It is now one of the most popular (3) __attractions__inthe world. It is considered lớn be a (4)____symbol_____London. People make special journeys to see the(5)___fascinating__ giant wheel. 15,000 people can ride *wheel every day. They feel (6)__excited___ to lớn climblook back down on it. Not just rich people, but everybody can bởi this. It is public and (7)__affordable__, và it has become aplace of (8)____interest____in London.


5.Complete each sentence with the correct form of a phrasal verb from the list.

Hoàn thành từng câu theo mô hình đúng của các động từ.

look updeal withturn downset upget overput up withgive upkeep up with1. The two countries agreed khổng lồ __set up__ diplomatic relations.2. When you"re tired and under stress, it"s important lớn look after yourself & find ways lớn __deal with___ it.3. Six people applied for the job, but four of them were ___turned down___.4. Why don"t you_____look up_____ this word in thedictionary?5. Mike had to___give up___ gymnastics because of hisinjury.6. I"m going crazy! I can"t _____put up with_____ so muchconfusion!7. I think she___got over____ the quarrel with her closefriend.8. It"s difficult to__keep up with__ changes in technology.

6.Rewrite the following questions in reported speech, using question words before fo-infinitives.

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1. “What should I wear lớn the fancy dress party?” – Trang asked

-> Trang wondered what to wear to lớn the fancy dress party

2. “Should I help Chau with the money my mum gave to lớn me”

-> She couldn’t decide whether lớn help Chau with the monney her mum had given to her.

3. Where can we get those traditional handicrafts?” – Nick wondered

-> Nich wondered where to lớn get those traditional handicrafts

4. “Who can I turn to for help with my homework now?” – Phuc said

-> Phuc had no idea who to lớn turn lớn for help with his homework.

5. “When should I break the sad news to him?” – Hoa asked.

-> Hoa was not sure when lớn break the sad news to lớn him.

Everyday English.

7. Choose the suitable words/ phrases complete the mini-talks.

Chọn tự hoặc cụm từ mê thích hợp xong cuộc đối thoại sau.

what khổng lồ doas far as i knowcoolNo worriesIf I were in your shoes


A: My face often goes red & hot these What should I do?B: __As far as I know___, There"s no cause for concern.


A: You look upset. What"s the problem?B: Well, my cousin wants to share my rc during his visit, but we don"t get on well. I don"t know__what to do__


A: Shall we visit the lantern making works!B: ___Cool__ ! When should we go?


A: Thanks a lot for your sound advice.B: __No worries___.


A: What do you suggest I should bởi now?B: ___If I were in your shoes __, I"d take it easy and try lớn forget it.