Mac Relentlessly Red Lipstick Review And Swatch

Sure, cherry, tomato, và bright reds are cool for summer, but I have yet lớn find a Red that screams SUMMER; found it already and it"s MAC Relentlessly Red; it"s a bright Pink-Coral Red that doesn"t look tacky and gives off that energetic, summery vibe.

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The first ever Retro Matte lipstick I"ve ever used was Ruby Woo; back then, it was the lone Retro Matte lippie; và then Rihanna"s MAC Retro Matte lipstick collection came along; Relentlessly Red is the third one. Glad to know that MAC"s expanding this range! If you"re new to MAC"s Retro Matte formula, I"d have khổng lồ tell you that this is their most drying formula so be sure to prep your lips with a lip balm và scrub it twice a week to combat flaking và enhanced dryness during wear.

Relentlessly Red is described as a "bright pinkish coral matte" by MAC Cosmetics online, but why gọi it red? Probably MAC realized that this shade comes off as a really bright red on a majority of skin tones.

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On me, Relentlessly Red is a bright coral red with a hint of Pink; the lighting in this photo isn"t the most ideal, but in person, the reddish glow stands out.

Sharing with you a collage of Relentlessly Red showcased on a variety of skin tones. On some, it"s bright, on some, it"s muted, but one thing remains và that it is a pinkish-reddish coral.
I"m digging brights this #Summer along with a Kylie Jenner neutral look, và I"m including this in the list. I should do a các mục of my fave summer brights! :)

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Wow! This looks really good on you! I might check this one out but I'm a bit wary of the formula. My favorite is their satin finish. I'm not too sure about the retro matte finish but I shall see. Also, the price is going up! Oh no! Oh well. Thanks for this post. & I'm excited for your 7th anniversary party! Woohoo!