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everything here is interactive: we phối the defaults, you can change them. Think a sản phẩm has a different finish than the one shown? change it! want to lớn track where you keep things ( location) or thoughts about the best lip brush or lip primer for this lipstick, or if you apply it directly from the tube? write yourself a personal collection note, or tell the world in a review.

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we’ve placed have / want / had icons everywhere you see a product, either on a picture, in a menu (like on the brand or category pages), as well as at the top of individual product pages like this one for Retro Matte Lipstick - Runway Hit by MAC. địa chỉ products khổng lồ your makeup collection wherever you see these icons. Once there, you can sort by category, have/want/have, or even build your own custom kits for further organizing.

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Reviews forMAC Retro Matte Lipstick Runway Hit

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* đánh giá details for product, not specific lớn this shade


Application-how did this hàng hóa apply?
Moisturizing-how moisturizing is this product?
Long-Wearing-how long-wearing is this product?
stays all daydisappears quickly
Colour-does this product shift, or is it true lớn the pan/box/tube?
true to colourcolor shifter
Pigmentation-how pigmented is this product?
Luster-how lustrous is this product?
Buildable-how buildable(ability to build up more color) is this product?
builds easilyhard lớn build
Feathering-how feathering is this product?
stays putfeathers or bleeds
Texture-how is the texture of this product?
Value-how would you rate the value of this hàng hóa overall?

Prefer prose? A snappy summary of reviews so far: Reviewing the moisturizing category the current two suggests users & critics responses khổng lồ "how moisturizing is this product?" are mildy towards drying. Considering the long-wearing category the rating of four indicates in response to the "how long-wearing is this product?" mainly suggest stays all day. Considering feedback for the colour category the current rating of five suggests considering the question "does this sản phẩm shift, or is it true lớn the pan/box/tube?" mostly responded true to lớn colour. On the pigmentation category an average of six is a sign that when asked "how pigmented is this product?" frequently suggest opaque. In the luster category a rating of one suggests reviewers evaluating "how lustrous is this product?" mainly favor matte.

at doanhnghiepnet.com.vn, we think differently about reading & writing beauty sản phẩm reviews. We believe product review should provide you with detailed information, let the writer quickly and easily mô tả their thoughts, & be a fun experience for all. Khổng lồ achieve this, we provide a ratings scale for distinct criteria, alongside traditional written comments. This format gives reviewers a way to lớn provide an in-depth reviews of the same specific aspects of a product, allowing you zero in on the criteria that are most important to lớn you.

without the need for long-form written text, everyone saves time. Don’t let us discourage you from waxing poetic if you are so inclined, some people are gifted writers and should giới thiệu if they want to. We just want lớn encourage and provide great nhận xét without that particular barrier lớn entry.

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as an example, one rating criteria for lipsticks is luster. Luster ranges from matte khổng lồ glossy. Matte might be a desired chất lượng for you, while glossy might be desired for someone else. There isn’t a right answer, only your opinion.

an added benefit to the scales is quickly seeing how a sản phẩm might perform. You can identify that a product is rated highly for luster without reading a lot of text. Easily compare và evaluate similar products based on identical criteria. Apples khổng lồ apples, if you will.

we would honestly love to lớn hear your feedback, if you have an idea for a new rating criteria, let us know! post in the feedback forum, or send us an email to .