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Oh, this thing really drops some! Distortion is virtually non-existent, it"s as loud as it gets & it sounds clear.

I have only had the headphones two days, but sound great. I use these in my old táo bị cắn dở Ipod Classic & my computer.

Got it yesterday, so far I lượt thích it, it does have extra bass compared lớn headphones at the same price point.

Just received these in the mail yesterday và was impressed with the sound quality. After using a phối of AKG for two years until the mic started cutting out and the right side stopped working I felt it was time to invest on another pair. I couldn"t find another set of AKG và what is available online are the cheap fakes I decided khổng lồ see what was out there. After a lot of comparing other brands in the budget I set, I narrowed things down between another brand and Sony. I decided on the Sony"s because in the past I had had several headphones that lasted a few years và also Sony"s reputation for quality products. I"m quite confident that these will last two years of not more

Great chất lượng at every price level

MDRXB55AP/BQE 24 October 2021 byshanghlxsg(Singapore)Verified Purchaser Verified

I own more than one pair of sony in-ear headphones & even at the low price point, it does not disappoint.

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Seller gave me used product

MDRXB55AP/BQE 15 October 2021 byLr_Discovery(India)Verified Purchaser Verified

Great sound in wired earphones

MDRXB55AP/LQE 05 October 2021 byKunalpras(India)Verified Purchaser Verified

beli taun lepas qualiti memang padu dengan harga sound pun tak pecah lagi buat main game fps pun best clear gila macam 7.1 earphonedah try earphone brand lain bawah 250 rasa sony jugak yang terbaik

Bought this in May 2018 & using it almost everyday at least 4 hours each day và in 2020 used about 8hours plus a day và still working great. Buying another one black in màu sắc since my first one which is white now already turning yellow in color. Overall a very very good sound and best base headphone

I"ve been using this earphone for a week, I"ve been using it khổng lồ listen to music that has normal quality 96 kbit/s và higher quality 320 kbit/s. The sound is very precise & clear, the bass is balance and not too loud. The stereo, clarity và treble is good. If you listen to high-volume music, the sound is still clear and unobtrusive.

I bought this 3ys 6mths ago, n guess what. This is the BEST earphone i bought so far. The Bass is literally EXTRA! The most loyal earphone i had, 3ys+ i did not change any earphone. Love it!

I bought this an year ago..great sản phẩm as this is the earphone which I actually love rather that any other earphones as the bass is so strong. Keep it up SONY.

I bought this recently, và have been listening a lot more music since. I love the extra deep bass & the sound quality. Will definitely buy another Sony product!

Just bought this XB55AP today lớn replace older model XB50AP (which I bought 2 years back). This new mix will be my everyday "go to" earphones, alongside my hi-res IER-H500A (for home/sleep) và MDR-1AM2 (for 4.4mm balanced connection with ZX300). XB55AP"s sound unique is very good - when compared to H500A, it has deep bass, reasonable mids và slightly recessed treble - for its less than 1/2 the price, you can expect too much actually. Compared khổng lồ 1AM2, it loses in all 3 tone departments, including soundstage & imaging but that"s not a fair comparison - 1AM2 is a hi-res, over-the-ear headphone & costs 7 times more. Overall I must say, XB55AP is a very good earphone with reasonably good sound chất lượng (deep bass), many choice of colours và a durable design.


The drivers and the bass duct performs really good while listening lớn club music và it fits really good

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