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Despite advances in passive bass radiators and overall streaming quality, the number of high-quality, affordably priced bluetooth speakers is pretty low. We can now add another product to the short list, however—the Sony SRS-XB10. At $49.99, the tiny, water-resistant SRS-XB10 delivers solid audio, with surprisingly rich bass response, for its size and price. The mono SRS-XB10 can also be linked with another unit to size a stereo pair. Is it the absolute best offering in this price range? No—that distinction still belongs lớn the JBL video 2—but the SRS-XB10 is a solid runner-up, and worth a look.

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The cylindrical SRS-XB10, available in black, blue, red, và white, measures roughly 3.5 by 2.9 inches (HW) & weighs in at 9.2 ounces. It"s IPX5 rating means you can get it wet, but it"s not a good idea to submerge the speaker underwater. With a rubberized body toàn thân and base, the vị trí cao nhất panel is speaker grille only, with a single 1.8-inch driver firing upward. At the base, there are small cutaways that allow air to escape—the speaker also utilizes a passive bass radiator, located internally, just above these cutouts.

The outer panel has a built-in lanyard with a rubberized loop, so you can hang the lightweight SRS-XB10 on hooks or whatever else is around. There"s a control panel along the base with buttons for play/pause, showroom (for linking another SRS-XB10 and creating a stereo pair), plus/minus (for volume), và power. This area also houses status LEDs for the battery, power/Bluetooth, & left/right speaker (if you choose to địa chỉ cửa hàng another SRS-XB10 to lớn the equation).

Nearby, there"s a micro USB port for the included charging cable, a 3.5mm aux đầu vào for wired listening (no cable is included, however), và a reset button. This section is covered by a cap, which is vital for the speaker to retain its water resistance.