Heads-up, this is not a positive review. We purchased Colorful SL500 1TB last week from Taobao. The sản phẩm shipped very fast, & I was so happy lớn extend the storage of my laptop macbook Pro. The build unique seemed good also, in the Taobao videos.

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I regret wasting time on this SSD instead of purchasing a WD Blue. Read this reviews before purchasing a Colorful SSD or other Colorful storage devices in general.

Note: Tested on a apple macbook pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) và an intel Xeon based Windows PC. I’ve tried both the USB 3.0 khổng lồ SATA portable adapter và internal SSD installation methods. The SSD started acting up after the first format.

So, what happened?

The packaging was cheap. But it’s fine for the price they’re selling. Build chất lượng and thiết kế aesthetics are appealing indeed.


Everything looked fine at first. I removed the old Samsung EVO SSD from MacBook và installed this one. I had the backup online, so I tried installing macOS from mạng internet recovery. Disk initialization went well, and I partitioned the SSD into 256GBx4 volumes.


Things went downhill after the first reboot. It took a long time for the device to lớn boot, which seemed odd. Then I tried to lớn install macOS from internet recovery. The process got stuck, & macOS threw a weird error that I’ve never seen in my life. I couldn’t understand, và it’s a shame I didn’t take a photo of it.

Then I installed the old Samsung EVO SSD that contained OS files khổng lồ the DVD bay (via adapter) và booted MacBook. The Disk Utility didn’t bother to lớn show up this time. But it worked fine when I removed the Colorful SSD from the main SSD bay.


By this time, I was aware something is wrong with this Colorful SSD. So, I tried to fix the disk via recovery mode. Once again, Disk Utility wasn’t loading when SSD remained in the disk bay.

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Next up, Windows.

I took the SSD and connected it to lớn a Windows machine. Again, Windows took a long time khổng lồ boot while having SSD connected khổng lồ the motherboard via SATA connector. I tried Initialize Disk, but it failed lớn initialize by generating a disk error. I also tried other methods via command prompt (CMD) to clean & format the disk. Everything failed.

When I tried to lớn initialize the disk.
Here’s one for the Colorful QA team.

Then I placed the SDD inside a USB 3.0 khổng lồ SATA adapter and tried connecting it both on Windows và macOS. No luck at all. Finally, I gave up và shipped back SSD to the seller.

I’m so glad that Marui is a VIP thành viên on Taobao. We can ship back any product on the basis of a “no questions asked” guarantee.


Think twice before purchasing any cheap solid state drives you come across. Save up and go for brands lượt thích WD or Samsung if you can. Their QA/QC procedure is top-notch. It’s fine for me because we’re in China. We can ship back similar products very soon. It’s not the same for other users buying stuff from Aliexpress or Chinese e-commerce sites.

The review is final. Liên hệ me by email if you represent I’ll provide you with a detailed feedback report.