Hope all of you are doing fine.

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I am here to nói qua another skin care purchase with you all, and it is an oil không tính phí, paraben không tính tiền và sulfate miễn phí skin care product from our much-loved brand St Ives. Yes you hear it right, now St. Ives came up with their blackhead clearing green tea scrub which targets problem areas & is formulated without parabens & sulfates.

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However, they still need khổng lồ cut down the proportion of other chemicals in their formulation khổng lồ make it 100% natural & beneficial scrub for every beauty. Nevertheless, I am still happy with this scrub & it’s hard to find it as it’s always OOS online as well as in stores. And I can understvà why? Thankfully, I caught hold of its 6 travel kích thước tubes a while back và now I am on my way to finish the third tube. Yes, I have to lớn stochồng it before it disappears again