Thursday plantation tea tree oil reviews 2022


I was introduced khổng lồ Tea Tree Oil by one of my friends back when I was a student in Australia. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil was famous there as it was locally produced. It was inexpensive (around $6-$7 for 10 ml) & was easily available in supermarkets. Me being curious bought it, but never got a chance khổng lồ use it.

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I got my nose pierced during my visit lớn India in 2009 and everything was good until I started lớn develop a bump near my piercing. Tried every remedy I found on the Internet, no luck. My good old friend reminded me of the bottle of Tea Tree Oil that was sleeping in my cabinet.




Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Limonene.

Yeah, believe it or not, it does not contain Tea.

It is non-sticky oil with a strong pungent smell.


1. I applied sparingly on my nose bump using a cotton swab a few times a day. The bump started drying in 4-5 days and was completely gone without a trace in almost 2 weeks.

Wait there is more,

2. I get occasional pimples on my face (this freaks me out because I always develop pimple around my mouth or nose – worst places to lớn get pimples). Whenever I spot a pimple developing, I apply Tea Tree oil on it at night và in 2-3 days, it is gone without a trace or scar.3. I have used on cuts on my hand, which is very often as I get adventurous in the kitchen & cut myself every now và then.4. To treat sore throat, I dilute 5-6 drops in a cup of warm water and gargle before bedtime, works lượt thích a charm.5. I dilute Tea Tree Oil in very hot water and use it as a steam inhalation lớn treat cold, it is very effective.

Overall Tea Tree oil is used widely as an antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial lớn treat cuts, insect bites, sunburn & other skin problems.

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Word of Caution:

This particular brand is highly concentrated & is pure. It is advised not khổng lồ apply undiluted oil on sensitive skin. I use sparingly on my pimples as excessive usage may leave the skin dry.

I moved to lớn London a few months ago & was really surprised to see the little green bottle in Boots. It was £4 for a 10 ml bottle, still not bad.


Very effective và affordable multi purpose oil.


1. It is highly concentrated in its purest form, which may burn the skin if not used with caution.2. Smell, it reminds me of Eucalyptus oil. Personally, it is not a problem for me, but some people may consider it strong.3. Availability.

One of my friends in India tried the Tea Tree Oil from toàn thân Shop & she was not pleased by the results. The toàn thân Shop version contains a dozen ingredients & I seriously doubt its purity.


A must-have in your cabinet.

Will I Buy it Again?

Yeah, this is my second bottle.

Finally, this is my first post for IMBB. I was always a silent reader & was reluctant to write for a makeup blog because of my limited-to-no-knowledge when it comes khổng lồ makeup. Finally, got the courage and wrote this post. My apologies if I bored you with “my story.” I really tried khổng lồ keep it short. I will try my best in the future. I am planning on continuing writing for IMBB, but it all depends on the response I get. Any suggestions or opinions are welcome. It is great lớn be apart of this big community & cannot wait khổng lồ hear from you all.

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