How To Thank An Employer For A Positive Performance Evaluation


Feedbaông xã can be helpful và sometimes life-changing. Of course, responding to positive sầu feedback is easier, but we sometimes get negative sầu feedback.

Getting unexpected negative sầu feedbachồng can also feel lượt thích an ambush, lượt thích at my performance đánh giá at my job last year.

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I went into lớn my Reviews thinking all was well and was very surprised by what I perceived as negative feedbachồng. That night, I went home and cried. After processing what he said over the weekkết thúc, I agreed that there was some truth in the information he had given to me.

And in the over, I was thankful that he shared what he said (even if I didn’t like it at the time, & the issues hadn’t been mentioned previously). As a result, I could choose to make improvements from now on.

This post will focus on responding lớn personal feedbachồng. If you need examples on how khổng lồ reply khổng lồ customer Reviews, check out the tips & templates from ReviewTrackers và learn more about negative Đánh Giá from customers here.

And you may also want lớn look at the example messages lớn thank someone for their insight.

A section of example messages for responding to lớn positive feedbaông chồng has been added lớn the bottom of this post. These examples can help you with what to say when you’ve received a great review or other positive feedback.

Table of Contents

Thank you for your feedbachồng message examples

Thanks for the Feedback Book

In preparing for this post, I read part of the book Thanks for the Feedback. I read the first half before tiring of the examples và advice.

The book seems good, but it was more than what I needed at the time.You can find a complete summary of it here.

I learned that there are three types of feedback:

Appreciation – thank acknowledge, connect.Coaching – help khổng lồ expvà knowledge, sharpen skills, address relationship imbalances.Evaluation – to lớn rate or rank against a phối of standards, align expectations, and inkhung decision-making.

And with feedbachồng, there is a giver and a receiver. Sometimes the giver và receiver are not on the same page of what type of feedbaông xã is being given or desired, causing friction. You may want to clarify which type of feedback you’d like before asking for the feedback.

How khổng lồ thank someone for their feedback

Once you’ve received feedback that may have sầu been positive, negative, or indifferent, you may want khổng lồ skết thúc a thank you message.

Decide if you will send an gmail or handwrite a note.Most likely, you will skết thúc an email in work situations or hand-deliver a note. In personal situations, you may want to mail the note.Use the template below khổng lồ help structure your message.Be specific in your message about why you are thankful for the feedback.Did it help you improve something? Point out a blind spot? Help you make a change?review the examples below for inspiration in what you could say in your message

Thank you for your feedbaông chồng template

For the template & examples, replace words in
as appropriate for your situation. There are more details on the contents of thank you notes here.

Thank you for your feedbaông xã regarding . What you shared with me will help me lớn improve sầu . Add another sentence or two (compliments are good!).

Thanks again (or another closing),

For negative feedbaông xã, you can acknowledge that it was hard or difficult to lớn hear.If you feel angry about negative feedback, wait a few days or so to lớn write your thank you. You don’t want to lớn say anything you will regret later. And a little bit of time will give sầu you a chance to lớn look for a nugget of truth in the feedbachồng.If you have sầu a lot lớn say, you can write a longer letter.The examples below are only the center section of the note. Be sure to include the greeting, the closing, and your name in your note.

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Thank you for your feedbaông chồng message examples

In general, the best thank you notes contain specific details và are not generic or cliđậy. I have sầu made up scenarios for these examples, but they may still feel a little generic. I encourage you lớn replace or insert wording khổng lồ make them specific for your situation.

For example, the first example refers lớn a project. In your note, you could swap out the project with exactly what you were working on.

Office or work situations are common feedbaông xã situations, so I used the feedbaông xã I’ve given or received at my job as the framework for the examples.

At the Officeexamples

Note: There is another section below that focuses on positive sầu feedbaông xã.

#1 Thank you for your feedback regarding my performance on the recent project. What you shared with me will help me improve sầu my communication with others on the next project. I appreciate your continued guidance.

#2 Your feedback during my annual đánh giá was much appreciated. Now, I know how to move forward và what khổng lồ focus on to improve sầu my skills. I was surprised by

#3Thanks for the feedbachồng. I felt very appreciated after hearing your kind words about my abilities. As you suggested, I will continue learning more about . You are a great boss!

#4 Thank you for meeting with me and providing quiông chồng feedbachồng. I was stuck on how to move sầu the situation forward. The wording you recommended for the gmail lớn the client was perfect. They responded quickly & are happy with us.

#5Thank you for the detailed feedback. Now I know what I need to lớn vị lớn refine the work processes. Your ideas were fantastic và not items the team had thought of.

#6 Thank you for the nice feedbaông chồng. I feel great working on your team and think that I am valuable. I am grateful that you took the time to tell me. Appreciation & acknowledgment feel great.

#7 In the meeting last week, you provided me with some detailed feedbaông chồng. Some of it was positive, & some of it was negative. I am glad you mixed in some positive as it made hearing the negative points easier to hear. Over the weekend, I considered your feedbaông xã và have sầu enrolled in the online learning courses you recommended.

#8Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Reaching out to lớn you was hard as I wasn’t sure what type of coaching you would be willing to lớn give sầu. I am grateful for your positive response và the mentoring meetings you’ve sầu scheduled with me.

#9 Thank you for the kind feedbaông chồng. I was shocked when passed on all the positive sầu things you said about my new project đầu vào. And I look forward to lớn working with your team on future projects.

#10 I want khổng lồ thank you for pointing out that I could be doing better with last week. It was tough for me khổng lồ hear as I thought I was doing fine, but as I considered your examples, I realized that there are improvements that I can make. Sometimes it’s just hard lớn hear negative feedbachồng. I am also glad you told me, as I think others on the team have probably noticed the same issues.


Thank you for your positive sầu feedback examples

These sample messages could be written when responding lớn positive sầu feedbachồng from your boss, a coworker, employees, or someone else.

#1 Thank you for your positive feedbaông chồng during my Đánh Giá. Hearing what you had to lớn say about my job performance felt great. I am looking forward to another wonderful year at .

#2 Thank you for taking the time to lớn leave sầu such good feedback throughout my year-end evaluation. It was fantastic to hear what you had to say about my work on the big projects. I’m excited for another fantastic year to lớn work together. We have sầu the best team!

#3 I was excited and grateful to lớn read all the positive sầu đánh giá from my teammates during my first quarterly Review. Your efforts khổng lồ collect them are much appreciated. I am proud khổng lồ be part of this team, và I will continue to lớn build my skills as I learn from others.

#4 I was ecstatic & pleased to lớn read my coworkers’ positive feedbachồng. I am honored to lớn be a thành viên of this group, và I will continue to lớn improve my abilities as I gain experience from others. Thank you for your positive sầu feedback as well.

#5 Thank you for the positive sầu feedback regarding . I appreciate your comments & in-depth responses on where I’m doing well. With your long time experience with , I value your feedbachồng.

#6 While no one wants bad Reviews, I appreciate that you included some positive sầu feedbachồng in my Đánh Giá. Hearing that I am doing well in some areas helped me feel less down about the areas where I am struggling. As you suggested, I will take the additional training classes.

#7 I want khổng lồ thank you for your positive sầu feedbachồng. As I develop the new training material for the customer service department, it’s helpful & encouraging khổng lồ learn that the new documentation is good. Thank you for taking the time to đánh giá it.

#8 Wow, thanks for your positive feedbaông chồng. I was surprised by it & feel glad khổng lồ know that you are happy with my work. I enjoy working on your team and continue to improve our customer relationships with the vendors.

#9 Hearing the positive feedbaông chồng from you made my day! Thank you for praising me at the team meeting. You’re a great trùm lớn work for, & of course, I enjoy the whole team. I will look forward khổng lồ the next team collaboration project.

#10 Thank you for your positive feedback. I am grateful khổng lồ know where my work excels, as I can focus on getting those skills even better. Thank you for taking the time yesterday khổng lồ chia sẻ with me. I’m super excited about the next project.

Thank you for the feedbachồng summary

Feedback can be used khổng lồ improve sầu your skills or made adjustments to lớn your life. The feedbaông chồng can come from friends, family, bosses, or someone else.

Writing a thank you message is one way to lớn express your gratitude for the negative sầu or positive sầu feedbaông xã.