Count bites, not calories! : the best of both worlds


This is my 14 Day Quick Soup Diet Review. This diet has been around for a long time, but it was only recently introduced in the United States by Dr. David Williams. The old soup diet is simply a diet where you eat all the ingredients in the soup & avoid any other foods for a day. This diet has many different variations on the ingredients allowed khổng lồ eat và also the duration of the fast. It is also known as the silent killer diet.

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14 Day Rapid Soup Diet review

The diet consisted of soup daily for 14 days. You can eat any kind of soup during the diet; it’s that simple. You can also địa chỉ starchy vegetables like potatoes, green beans, carrots, & celery khổng lồ your diet if you want. You’ll still thua thảm weight because you’re eating more calories throughout the entire diet.

The biggest advantage of the soup diet is that it can be done in a short amount of time. You don’t have to wait all day to start losing weight.

14 Day Rapid Soup Diet

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You can start the diet the day after the wedding ceremony (if you are married). In addition, you can vì the diet at any time of the day as long as you have access to the Internet. Another advantage is that you thảm bại weight very quickly. You may thua thảm more weight than you can recover within a week or two.

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One downside lớn this diet is that you’ll often get hungry again soon after you finish the soup. This is why it is important lớn eat several small meals throughout the day. The easiest way to lớn accomplish this is lớn take advantage of a hunger timer. You can order a meal half an hour before you eat so that when you sit down, you won’t be hungry again until the timer goes off. Other diets also have inactivity timers, và they leave you feeling deprived without eating something appetizing.

Although some people are considering the 14-day short-term diet, it’s seen as a long-term weight loss program. The diet can help you lose about 3 kilogam in a week. If you follow the diet plan consistently, you can thất bại about 5kg in 14 days. When you start the diet, you’ll likely experience some ups & downs, but they usually last for a few days and then subside.

The diet plan includes four meals a day. You can eat any kind of soup you want as long as it’s low in fat and calories. Alternatively, you can drink any non-caffeinated beverage, such as tea or hãng apple juice. Fruit juice is not allowed. Allowed foods include eggs, chicken, fish, vegetables, whole grain rice, & brown rice.

14 Day Rapid Soup Diet đánh giá with your plan

It’s important khổng lồ be consistent with the plan, or you’ll quickly thảm bại interest and probably quit the diet. Make sure you can stick to lớn the diet for a week. If you don’t pass the one-week mark, you should increase your daily intake to one serving. If you don’t want to địa chỉ cửa hàng more to lớn your diet, you can still enjoy the diet.

14 Day Rapid Soup Diet Review

If you decide to lớn stick with this diet plan, keep in mind that you will likely regain most, if not all, of the weight you lost during the diet. The best way khổng lồ make sure you thua kém weight quickly is to choose foods that you enjoy. You also have lớn be consistent with your eating & remember khổng lồ eat every 3 hours. Water is also an important component of any weight loss diet plan. Make sure to lớn drink plenty of water during the day.

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