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Are you too young for the history of whoo?

I am not sure vày you guys notice, but The History of Whoo is actually considered more high-end than Sulwhasoo. It is actually quite obvious. Sulwhasoo"s most expensive sầu tòa tháp, if I remembered correctly, should be less than RM 1,000 but The History of Whoo has anti-aging products that retail for more than RM 2,000! That"s like double the price! Of course, skincare is not all about price tags so I am NOT suggesting that The History of Whoo products are betterthan Sulwhasoo, I am just saying that they are pricier!I am not really a bạn of Whoo products, mostly due khổng lồ the price. I can"t afford buying skincare items that will easily cost me my monthly salary. And I seriously bởi vì not see the need of doing so. But the high price tag doesn"t stop me from feeling curious about Whoo products. I always want to get a hvà on some Whoo products so when I see Gmarket (a Korean online retail platform) selling Whoo hàng hóa miniatures, I quickly ordered some lớn try out myself.Aao ước many The History of Whoo products, three particular ones stand out:The History of WhooBichup Soon Hwan EssenceThe History of Whoo Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging EssenceThe History of WhooBichup Ja Yoon Cream

They are all in the "bichup" line (密贴), which targets drier, duller and more mature skin lớn promote cellular repair & to lớn offer intense but lightweight nourishment for the skin. They are among mỏi the brand"s best sellers and are particularly famous aý muốn Taiwanese và Chinese girls!

The Soon Hwan Essence is a first serum that you use at the first step of your daily skincare routine. It is similar khổng lồ Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX. The word "soon hwan" means "circulation", which implies that this is a sản phẩm that will help to lớn improve sầu blood circulation on your skin. It can help to get rid of metabolic waste and bring in nutrients for a clearer & healthier skin.

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The essence is a lightweight liquid with little capsules floating inside. These are what I believed khổng lồ be Whoo"s signature "gongjinbidan", a secret formula that Whoo claims to lớn be used in the royal court to lớn keep the concubines young & pretty.

Results-wise, I have sầu been using 2 bottles (15ml x 2) of this essence & is a bit disappointed to say that I don"t lượt thích them better than Sulwhasoo. I still find Sulwhasoo lighter, more hydrating & works better for my skin. Whoo Soon Hwan Essence feels more nourishing. When I am using Sulwhasoo, I can definitely feel that other products permeate better with also better results. But I don"t really see/feel that with Whoo. Whoo feels more lượt thích a serum than first serum in that sense. It is more suitable for drier & colder season.

This is one of my favourite anti-aging serums. It is Whoo"s year-round best seller that claims lớn tackle all skin issues, promote cellular regeneration, & nourish your skin. It has wrinkles repairing, rejuvenating, moisturizing và brightening properties. It is even more popular than the Soon Hwan Essence! I couldn"t find something in Sulwhasoo that is comparable to this, except for the Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum but I think Whoo is better.

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The essence has a viscous, honey-lượt thích consistency that is surprisingly lightweight and quiông chồng absorbing! You won"t believe how fast this thing gets absorbed into lớn your skin when you smooth it over. It gets absorbed really well like Cosrx Advanced 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence and Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence despite the slimy và viscous consistency. The smell is quite interesting. It is quite herbal with a sweet undertone.I can see results within first few uses! My skin is visibly smoother và clearer with a healthy soft glow that I normally get after exfoliation & putting on mask. My skin is also soft và velvety lớn touch. I think the most thing I get out of this essence is its moisturizing effect. It is so lightweight in term of consistency but super velvety & nourishing at the same time without the associated greasiness or tackiness. It is also several times more effective sầu than Cosrx Advanced 96 Power Essence. The silkiness you feel is immediate. By next day, you will already see a polished và clear complexion. I think the result would be more obvious for those with dull, mature and dry skin.
I think if I were to lớn find something as nourishing as Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream, but much lighter, then it would be thisThe History of Whoo Bichup Ja Yoon Cream. This stuff rocks, seriously. It is a velvety and creamy cream that blends beautifully on your skin. My skin drinks it up immediately, leaving a silky soft finish that is neither greasy (emollient) or tacky. I think the only thing I can say about this cream is that it is a great compliment to lớn the Ja Saeng Essence!
Again, this is something you should get for your mom and aunts no matter what skin type they have. As long as their skin is not too oily, they should fare well with this. It contains all the essential herbal ingredients to lớn boost the skin"s natural defense mechanism và tackle signs of skin damages caused by aging.
I would strongly recommend all three of these, especially the Ja Saeng Essence. I think the Ja Saeng Essence is something all girls should try out at least once in their lives. It is by far the best moisturizing & anti-aging serums with heavier consistency that I ever had. You can really see a difference in your skin after adding this inkhổng lồ your routine, compared to lớn other ones. The downside of these three items is of course their price points. They are retail for RM 200 khổng lồ RM 800, which is definitely expensive sầu for normal working class lượt thích us. You can get them online from trustable retailers, but I notice that Whoo products are harder to buy online. Alternatively, pay attention to their promotions & gift sets which are more "worthy" than individual products.I think I will continue to lớn buy the Ja Saeng Essence in future, maybe when I go to Korea.
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