Thermalright true spirit 140 direct review


Thermalright’s lower-priced True Spirit 140 Direct is big, slim, & fairly cheap. How does it perform?


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Test Settings, Results, & Final Analysis

We continue using our năm ngoái Reference PC minus its mở cửa test bed (and obviously the reference cooler) to test the H220-X in a closed system. The chip core i7-5930K is overclocked lớn a fixed 4.2GHz vi xử lý core frequency at 1.20V core voltage.

Setting the performance baseline are the two largest slim coolers of previous reviews, along with a budget spoiler from DeepCool.


The True Spirit 140 Direct’s cooling at full fans appears mediocre, but spinning the fan hâm mộ down has minimal impact. That’s certain to lớn make things interesting in our cooling-to-noise comparison.

The True Spirit 140 Direct has the lowest fan speed, which again should make the cooling-to-noise ratio interesting.

Paydirt comes in the noise test, where the True Spirit 140 Direct is whisper quiet. Those who noticed that I didn’t mention the ultra-cheap Gammaxx 400 in the cooling test will wish I hadn’t in the noise test, since decibels use a logarithmic scale. Chú ý that while our results were 3db higher than Thermalright’s rated values, having the cooler mounted can increase the amount of noise reflected back toward the meter.

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Our acoustic efficiency (cooling-to-noise ratio) chart uses a direct scale, and adding a logarithmic function for the noise portion would have made the worst coolers look even worse. The True Spirit Direct is the clear leader.

A superb cooling-to-noise ratio gives Thermalright’s True Spirit 140 Direct the edge it needs khổng lồ combat DeepCool’s low price, at least at full fan hâm mộ speed.

Thermalright’s True Spirit 140 Direct produced excellent noise và efficiency marks, but mediocre cooling performance (by big-air standards) might be its biggest accomplishment. After all, the heat pipes of this particular thiết kế were only flattened by roughly 25% of their diameter, making tương tác with only around half of the CPU heat spreader’s surface area. While I can’t recommend it to lớn everyone, its extremely favorable cooling-to-noise ratio combines with an excellent price khổng lồ put this on our approved list.

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