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Lyên ổn Klặng Hong, fondly known lớn all as Kim, obtained her Law Degree from the National University of Singapore in 1987. She was called lớn the Singapore Bar in March 1988. She worked in 4 law firms before she finally decided khổng lồ set up her own practice Klặng & Co in January 2004 in order to have sầu more personalised service with her clients.

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KNC is a small boutique law firm which offers full-service including general litigation , general solicitors work inclusive Lasting Power of Attorney, drafting agreements, providing Legal Opinions, probate and administration, wills, trademark registration, Security of Payment adjudication issues & conveyancing. Suffice to lớn say that KNC is a one-stop service law firm which caters to lớn all your needs.

Kim is also the company secretary to lớn more than 12 pte ltd companies. Kim is also a Commissioner for Oaths & a Notary Public & we offer door lớn door services, if required.

Everyone who meets Kim can say for sure that she is truly a lawyer with a human touch. She is a competent leader with extremely quiông xã, analytical & inter-personal skills and she displays vast cấp độ of confidence which makes her a good advocate in Court. She listens khổng lồ all her clients’ concerns which she then translates lớn the best possible course of action to the best interests of her clients. In short, she always puts the interests of her clients before self và therefore, look no further if you need a lawyer who truly understands and caters to your needs.

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Grateful lớn Ms Kyên for professionally & patiently guiding me through the whole entire process providing practical advice & prompt updates. Ms Kim consultation was clear & helpful in understanding my options moving forward.

I highly recommended Ms Klặng & her team to whoever seeking legal representation or advice.

I would lượt thích lớn express my sincerest gratitude khổng lồ Ms. Llặng and Nadiah for their legal assistance throughout this orkhuyến mãi. They had been very thorough & meticulous in handling my case, ensuring that I’m not on the losing kết thúc of the battle. I’m really thankful for all they have sầu done for me thus far! Thank you!

Needed some notarization done and engaged Klặng và Co for the job – simple, fuss không tính phí & fast! Very impressed with their efficiency & speediness

The CFO of my former employer recommended me lớn use M/s Kyên ổn và Co, Advocates & Solicitor, for any legal issues in Singapore our start-up company may face.It was a great recommendation.M/s Kim và Co. has been of great help to lớn us khổng lồ find an amicable solution for a legal problem, analysing the build up and the legal situation, giving us a frank picture of our possibilities, và then accompanying us through the process till finding an amicable agreement.We highly appreciated the fact that M/s Klặng & Co has been forthcoming and didn’t charge us each and every hour they spent on our case.We will continue to use M/s Kim và Co. for other issues và can highly recommkết thúc, in particular to lớn Small and Medium sized companies, to lớn liên hệ M/s Kim & Co và use their services.