Tony Moly 01 Black Backstage Gel Eyeliner Review


Lately, I’ve been getting into more and more eye makeup (eyeshadow và eyeliners) so I was really glad và excited Q-Depot offered sending me this Tonymoly eyeliner that I’ve been eyeing ever since like… forever? Plus I really lượt thích Tonymoly as a brand, they have amazing products (yes, talking about my holy grail foundation – BCDation+). So here I am with another beauty from them.

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As always, I’m starting with the packaging. It doesn’t come in any box, it’s only sealed in a plastic wrap. On the back, you have a little information & the number và name of your shade. I kind of find the packaging bulky & it doesn’t really fit anywhere (makeup bag).



The eyeliner has a weird shape but that’s only because there’s a little brush hidden inside!


After unscrewing the lid, there’s a small trắng cap covering and protecting the sản phẩm itself from getting dried out. After putting that away, you’re welcomed by the perfect product. Mine’s isn’t perfect because I’m too impatient & I just needed to lớn try it out before taking a photo, hmph.



On Q-Depot’s website, there are 6 shades available: No. 1 Black, No. 2 Brown, No. 3 Pearl Brown, No. 4 Khaki Brown, No. 5 Pearl Black & No. 6 Choco Brown.

I’ve gotten the shade No. 3 Pearl Brown so it is shimmery và soft. I’d get black one but since I bleached my hair from black, I feel like black eyeliner is just too harsh on me.

The texture of the eyeliner is super soft và creamy, almost too soft. After dipping the brush in lightly, it buries quite deep if I make sense now? It’s just very soft, but that’s not really an issue, it’s a big pro.

The pigmentation is stunning, one little stroke và you get a full pigment, no streakiness or patchiness (mentioning this because I have used a few gel liners that were streaky & not opaque).

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It is smudge và waterproof once it sets, which doesn’t take a long time. It’s a tiny little bit harder lớn take off but nothing a good oil cleanser couldn’t do.

Its lasting property is amazing. It lasts really long, I would even say that it lasts the whole day! I’ve tried it both on my waterline và on my lids và it doesn’t smudge or move the whole day. I was really blown away by this.



Since I got a pearly shade, there are glitter in it. It is honestly beautiful. I didn’t expect to lượt thích it as much as I do because I’m more of a matte person but I love the sparkles it gives your eyes.

The shade isn’t too dark, it can look very natural but you can of course make it very dramatic. It all depends on your preferences.


I can safely say that this is my new favourite gel liner và I’ll definitely use it quite often. It’s very easy to use & all the colours are beautiful. Definitely recommending to lớn you!

You can get your own on Q-Depot.

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