Tonymoly delight magic lip tint 7g


Ugh. I know, so unoriginal getting Gerard Way’s (and Bandit’s apparently) #WeekendPancakeReport. Yuuh you would say Andy is such a copycat. Kkkk~ ^^

But anywaaay, it’s indeed a weekend sản phẩm report as I am here for another Korean makeup review! *Yehet!* I’m finally reviewing these cool màu sắc jellos coz I’ve had them since uhm, January? Oh gosh! and I opened them just two days ago. Kkkk~


So this one is basically just new packaging và more selection of colors (please correct me if the old packaging also offers the same selection of shades). But yep, the old one just says “Tony Moly” on it while these ones already has the name “Delight Magic Lip Tint”

Why Magic?

The Magic happens when you apply it, & changes its màu sắc to a brighter tone lớn prettify the lips. It also has the texture of a lip balm which moisturizes và leaves a bit of gloss.

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The Delight Magic Lip Tints come in plastic clear pots so you can clearly see its dễ thương colors. Well then, the tint is in a pot so if you don’t mind dipping your fingers in khổng lồ get the product, this won’t bother you. But of course, you can use a lip brush if you don’t want a messy finger. ^^


I got all 4 shades ya’ll~!♥ It seems like #1 Strawberry và #2 Green táo apple are the only ones that show the magic. #3 Red Berry and #4 Pink Berry already shows the color it’ll give your lips, yea?


What shade catches your eyes?


I should say the texture is more of like a lip gloss rather than a lip balm. #1 Strawberry và #2 Green táo bị cắn dở have a slightly thick consistency but they don’t feel really heavy on the lips while #3 Red Berry và #4 Pink Berry have a completely creamy texture which feels heavy & sticky. They are more glossy though compared to the other two. If you want more gloss for plumper lipsand don’t mind the sticky texture lượt thích that of a liquid lip gloss, #3 và #4 are the ones for you. #1 và #2 are my favorites though coz they aren’t so sticky.



I tried taking photos of the tints’ swatches in different lighting trying khổng lồ get a good shot of the real colors. Because for me, all of them look the same. Lượt thích there’s no much difference with the colors, really! Aaaand.. For a moment I thought I was being màu sắc blind. Kkk~

#3 Red Berry is the only one that differs a bit because it’s more vibrant and its red shade is more noticeable compared to lớn the other three.

PRICE: 198php (around $4.50) available at all Tony Moly Philippines boutiques.


The left photo shows my lips without anything on so you can actually compare the difference the tints make. They aren’t vivid lippies after all, so yeah.

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#1 Strawberry - this turned into pink~♥


#2 Green hãng apple - this one turned into frosted pink!


#3 Red Berry


#4 Pink Berry


Do you also think that #1, #2, & #4 look similar? Or maybe it’s just my lips. Haha! You can clearly see how glossy they are though~!


I’ll rate each shade first và give my thoughts on each of ‘em separately.

#1 Strawberry (5/5) - if you’ll take a bit of your time & scroll back up khổng lồ see their group photos, you’ll notice that this is the one I use the most. I lượt thích the fact that it isn’t so sticky and the màu sắc is very natural looking. The tint lasts for a long time, though when I eat or drink, the gloss fades but not the color. If you do not like much gloss, you can actually wipe it off and the tint will stay.

#2 Green hãng apple (3/5) - in turns into frosted pink so the thing about it is that whenever my lips get dry, this highlights its dry patches. It’s moisturizing just like how a lip balm does but the màu sắc isn’t for me when my lips are extremely dry and patchy (which happens most of the time). Though when I gave this lớn my cousin who’s got smooth lips, it looked great on her. Plus, one more thing about this is that it’s not sticky too!

#3 Red Berry (5/5) - I like this a lot too though despite being sticky (due to lớn its creamy texture), the màu sắc is very pretty for me. It looks very natural as well và lasts a long time. No need to apply lip balm underneath & no need to lớn put lip gloss sweetie, because this offers both. It’s pretty moisturizing và I lượt thích the fact that it’s glossy. Though I have lớn admit that lip glosses aren’t much of my thing because I am not so fond of sticky products as it always gets my hair! Geez. But there are days that I wanna wear lip glosses so in those days, I use this. It’s not an everyday lippie for me though.

#4 Pink Berry (2/5) - This one does not give so much color and it is really sticky too, more sticky than #3. Like #2, this one is somewhat frosted as well so it does not suit me so well.Though I think this will work if you set it with something else coz it makes a good gloss. ^^

So that’s it! Now here’s a photo of me wearing #3 Red Berry. Also, I got a comment recently asking me why I do not smile showing my teeth in my photos. Well, it’s because….


It’s AWKWARD. (I have crooked teeth & my eyes don’t know how khổng lồ smile, so..)

Sorry for the low unique selfie. Blame it on my phone’s front cam!

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