A'Pieu Triple Wear Foundation


Today I’ll be reviewing the A’PIEU Triple Wear Foundation. It is a liquid foundation, that also has SPF20 PA++ inside.

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So I got this during a 30% sale at Mplaza in Melbourne CBD và I bought the shade #3. There are 5 shades (ranging from #13-#23) in total for the foundation line but Mplaza only sold shades #1-#3.



Mplaza in Melbourne CBD (along Swanston Street)


At Mplaza: $18AUD (after discount)

Yesstyle (yesstyle.com): $trăng tròn.85AUD

Jolse (jolse.com): $11.28USD



- Makes sleek skin tone long-lasting while supplying moisture without stickiness.

- Gives a mild coverage & a silky, radiant finish without drying your skin.



Spread adequate amount on your face evenly by foundation sponge or brush.

If you use your finger tips, spread it by tapping lightly as adhere closely.


cosdmãng cầu.com





Shade (in base makeup): #23

Skin type: Oily T-zone, overall normal skin type (dry during winter, sensitive sầu during summer)


This foundation comes in a rectangular glass bottle, & the hàng hóa is dispensed from a pump. The cap is black, as well as the pump. Very minimal, very classy, very my aesthetic. It does feel quite heavy so it is a little bit of a burden when travelling for those who like lớn pack light, although this doesn’t bother me much.




The foundation does have a fragrance, which lớn me is quite pleasant. I actually don’t mind the presence of fragrance in some skincare và makeup products, as long as it’s a scent I like & it isn’t too strong và overpowering that you feel as if you’re putting perfume on your face. The scent I don’t really know how to lớn describe, but it’s like the smell of high kết thúc foundation (kindomain authority reminds me of the smell of Laneige BB cushions).

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The shade I bought, which was #3, is actually a #21 & my skin tone fits shade #23 in base makeup perfectly so at first I looked at the sản phẩm squeezed on my hand và panicked. It looked quite light compared khổng lồ the bottle, but then I blended some onto lớn my face và luckily it wasn’t too pale on me. #23 is the exact shade on my skin but this shade on me was still okay since I prefer a paler, brighter complexion anyways.

LEFT: normal skin colour RIGHT: skin with foundation blended on top


The texture of this foundation is quite lightweight, and it goes on very nice and smoothly onlớn the face. The coverage is light to lớn medium & you can build it up without worrying that it’ll cake up or crease. It adheres really nicely to lớn the skin và forms a thin layer, a bit like a film around the face that wraps beautifully onkhổng lồ the skin.


The finish is so beautiful! It’s very natural, very skin-lượt thích. It makes me look flawless and makes my skin look poreless and smooth. It definitely isn’t dewy và definitely isn’t matte, it’s just the right amount of both, I can imagine wearing this for any season. Although, I vì chưng prefer to lớn powder it a little bit, just because since it isn’t a matte or a powdery kind of foundation, it leaves a slight tackiness on my skin and I prefer it looking air-brushed và feeling smooth và matte.


Surprisingly, it lasted for a good 6-8 hours and then slowly began to breakdown & fade away as some of my oils pushed through. Though, I am already really impressed & happy with how long it keeps my face looking beautiful và I don’t usually go more than 6 hours without touching up my face.


Would I buy this product again?

YES!! It has become a holy grail for me. It seriously just makes my face look so flawless, while looking natural on my skin. The coverage is enough khổng lồ hide what I need & the consistency is lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy or suffocating during the day. The finish is also very beautiful and it is a natural finish so I can leave sầu it un-powdered và not worry that it might crease or get too oily.

Very impressed and happy with this sản phẩm.

Who I would recommend this to?

Ugh, it’s so beautiful I can’t recommend it enough!! I believe that this can work for all skin types honestly. It isn’t too moisturising & dewy, so for oily skin people, just a little powder can vày the trichồng. For dry skin people, this isn’t matte and it doesn’t dry out the skin. Obviously for normal & bộ combo skin people, this is a perfect foundation for you guys since the finish is straight up neutral, not matte nor dewy. I haven’t broken out from this sản phẩm either so I believe sầu it should be alright for sensitive & acne-prone skin people too.