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Tattooed lag said an Egyptian god ordered him to lớn make "human sacrifices" before killing spree in Nebraska, USA

A MURDERER who cut off his own penis và carved 666 into lớn his head to lớn try to claim insanity was yesterday sentenced to death for murdering four people. 

Nikko Jenkins, 30, carried out a ruthless shooting spree in Omaha, Nebraska in August 2013.

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Nikko Jenkins, 30, hacked his penis off và carved 666 on his forehead while awaiting sentence for mass murderCredit: AP:Associated Press

Jenkins pleaded no in 2014, but his defense said he was suffering from psychosis and pushed for a lenient sentenceCredit: AP

Judges were told that he needed 27 stitches after he hacked at his penis as a tribute khổng lồ an Egyptian god while in jail. He also sliced his tongue to resemble a snake.

After pleading noạy thử in 2014, tattooed Jenkins' defense insisted he should get a more lenient sentence because his self-harm was evidence of psychosis.

But after lengthy assessments a panel of three judges ruled that he knew right from wrong when he slayed his four victims.




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Just 11 days after being released from a 10-year stretch in prison for carjacking, Jenkins shot và killed Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon on August 11.

Eight days later he killed former frikết thúc Curtis Bradford, & on August 21 he killed Andrea Kruger after pulling her from her SUV & shooting her four times.

Jenkins planned the killings to up robberies of the victims or lớn keep them from identifying hyên ổn, prosecutors argued.

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Andrea Kruger was shot four times as Jenkins stole her car

"Each one of these murders was a planned and deliberate act," Douglas District Judge Peter Bataillon said on Tuesday.

But Jenkins insisted the Egyptian serpent god Apophis had told hyên ổn to lớn make "human sacrifices".

Jenkins claimed he was acting on voices in his head when he carried out the killingsCredit: AP:Associated Press
A heard how he had been trying to fake psychosis by self harming while awaiting sentenceCredit: AP:Associated Press
Velita Glasgow, victim Curtis Bradford's mum, said the sentence of Jenkins has given her closureCredit: AP

Nebraska lawmakers abolished capital punishment in 2015, but it was overturned in a public ballot last November.

The last execution in Nebraska was carried out in 1997, when Robert Williams was sentenced to death by electric chair for killing two women in 1977.

As well as the death sentence, which under state law will automatically be appealed, Jenkins was handed at least 450 years for a dozen weapons

The mother of one of his victims cried quietly as she left the

Velita Glasgow, the mother of Curtis Bradford, said Tuesday's sentence brought her closure.

"It's time for me lớn heal," she said. "I'm ready lớn put this behind me."

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