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In most instances, one would assume that this means increasing flexibility and reducing tension in the hips.

However, a new(ish) product Unloông xã Your Hip Flexors’ has hit the market stating that not only will the program help you release your hip flexors, but at the same time make you look slimmer, improve sầu your sex life và help you sleep better.

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The Unloông chồng Your Hip Flexors program has been gaining popularity of late with many trying out the program, so much so, that I decided I wanted lớn see what all the fuss was about.

I did a Google search of đánh giá to get some idea of what the program is all about, however, if lượt thích me you tried searching for yourself, you’ll have noticed a couple of things.

Most of the time the review are either biased, simply summarise the products sales page, or it’s evident that the reviewer hasn’t even bought the program.

The only way I was going to lớn find out more about the program is if I bought it myself.

In this review, I will note my experiences in purchasing the program as well as my thoughts on the effectiveness of it.

What Is the Unloông chồng Your Hip Flexors Program?






Unlochồng Your Hip Flexors Program

The main part of theUnloông xã Your Hip Flexors package includes:

A Manual detailing the 10 step process as well as descriptions of the exercises.A DVD video with Rick demonstrating how to vày each exercise & the other half of the DVD is a follow along routine without the explanations.

With every purchase comes a phối of bonuses:

Unloông chồng Your Tight Hamstrings manual and DVD video7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet manual

The regular price for the programme is $50 but only $10-15 if you purchase before the countdown timer on the sales page expires.

My Experience

Now that all the details of what the program is all about have been laid out, this part will outline my personal experience, starting with the purchasing experience.

Purchasing the Programme

Purchasing the program was fairly easy.

Once you click on the purchase button you get taken khổng lồ a payment processor served by Clickngân hà

I have known for around 10 years now and there is nothing shady about them at all.

I have made purchases before và have sầu had no problems.

Rest assured anyone who thinks that this product could be a scam khổng lồ get your credit thẻ details should know that this is not the case.

Clickngân hà is a marketplace that host products from product creators & manage the payments.

They are legit và I had no problem with trusting the purchasing process.

Although payment was smooth, reaching the final product was lượt thích having lớn jump over hurdles in a track và field sự kiện.

Once your purchase has gone through there are approximately 1000 upsells (or that’s what it feels lượt thích anyway) và further kinh doanh messages by the creators promoting their other products.

Be prepared to lớn have to lớn clichồng through a lot of pages before you can reach the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

It can even prove sầu to be a frustrating experience.

The Unlochồng Your Hip Flexors Materials & Resources

The images on the sales page are slightly misleading in that there are no physical resources; no physical manual or DVD gets sent khổng lồ you, but rather everything is all digital.

In other words, there is nothing that gets sent và you can get started right away viewing the program.

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All the resources are available from a download page with links lớn the resources, which are:

The bonuses are as follows:

In the package you also get a links to lớn the Unloông chồng Your Tight Hamstrings PDF and a short embedded video of the exercises in the download area. The PDF is just a description of the exercises in the video.A 54 page PDF of The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet is made available via a download link.

I had no issues with downloading the material or getting access to lớn any of the resources.

In addition, I much prefer the idea of the sản phẩm being totally digital as opposed to getting a physical manual và DVD.

The Product Review

I first read the Unlock Your Hip Flexors PDF và I have sầu to admit I didn’t find anything that wasn’t already explained on the sales page.

In essence, the first 45 pages simply exp& on the concepts made on the sales page, with the remaining pages detailing how to lớn do the exercises with helpful images alongside them.

I feel that most people will not find the PDF of any real use except for learning more about the POAS & why it is so important lớn the overall health of the body toàn thân.

The videos are as you’d expect.

They outline the 10 exercises và how khổng lồ perform them. The videos are clear và easy to lớn follow.

We now know that The Unlock Your Hip Flexors resources all pass the thử nghiệm, but now comes the important part.

Is this program all that it says it is?

Will doing these exercises really give you all these stated benefits or are they just lies?

From looking closely at the ten step process I see nothing special in it at all.

If you are already fairly active sầu, stretch regularly, bởi basic strength training, or vày Yoga, there will be nothing that will be of a surprise khổng lồ you.

Regular users of Beachtoàn thân programs will also likely have come across these moves somewhere amuốn their many programs.

Since we know that the exercises và stretches are nothing altogether new, the only unique selling point the Unlock Your Hip Flexors has, must be in its ‘special sequential flow’ method.

In other words, is the order that these exercises & stretches are performed really the secret to stretching the PSOAS?

The creators state that static stretching will not work, but a dynamic sequence is required instead which includes:

PNF StretchingDynamic Stretching3-Dimensional Vi xử lý Core Stability ExercisesMobility ExercisesFascia StretchingMuscle Activation Movements

The key is not so much in these activities alone, but also in the order that you release & strengthen the muscles.

In my opinion, I see no real evidence why their special order of doing these moves has any greater effect than doing the exercises in whatever order you please.

The PDF also doesn’t explain why this sequence is so special other than saying that the sequence helps with blood flow and unravels the tissue.

One would have sầu thought that since this is the secret lớn reaping all the mentioned benefits, they would have spent longer discussing their find.

For instance, why have all the other fitness experts missed this method? How did Richồng discover this method?

The creators of the products have sầu much greater credentials than me for sure, but I’d still like lớn see more evidence or a greater depth of discussion on the scientific reasoning behind the method.

Even if the method does work, there is still the other issue if ‘unlocking’ the PSOAS successfully will really bring all these amazing benefits they have listed.

I would have sầu khổng lồ say that the claims are slightly exaggerated.

For instance, the PDF says that a tight PSOAS can give you the appearance of a fat belly because it pulls the lower baông chồng up & pushes your stomach forward.

This may be true, but it sounds like they are talking about an anterior pelvic tilt. If they are, then simply stretching the PSOAS will not fix this issue.

Despite all this, I vì chưng agree that the PSOAS is an important muscle, và I have sầu indeed heard before that a lot of emotions and ức chế often gets stored in the hip area, but to lớn say it will bring all the benefits listed is a bit far-fetched.

Should You Try the Unloông chồng Your Hip Flexors Program?

As I already mentioned if you are already a fairly active person and know how to lớn stretch already, I doubt that the Unloông xã Your Hip Flexors program is going to lớn bring you any benefits, let alone the list of benefits that the creators clalặng.

I would be surprised if doing their routine daily will help much in the area of making you look slimmer, reducing anxiety or helping you sleep better.

That being said, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, barely do any stretching or are incredibly inflexible in the hip area, then, of course, this program will help increase your flexibility in your hips due to lớn the fact that you never did any in the first place!

In addition, the exercises look lượt thích they may be beneficial in correcting pelvic posture.

But lớn say that your tight PSOAS muscle will become relaxed & you will suddenly have incredible health by doing this routine seems a little misleading.

Despite what may seem lượt thích a negative sầu review, the price of the product must also be taken into lớn consideration.

The product only costs around $10.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is covered by a 60-day money baông chồng guarantee so you can try it out and see if it works for you, and if not you can get your money baông xã.