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Wet n wild photo focus collection: best foundation and face base discovery of 2020!

In my early years of blogging, Wet N Wild"s Photo Focus Foundation was one of the lauded drugstore favorites for affordable, reliable, và great quality foundation; beauty bloggers loved it to lớn bits. Strange enough, I never got around khổng lồ trying it out despite the popularity surrounding it; maybe it"s just one of those products that I have completely forgotten lớn try và also, Wet N Wild wasn"t available locally back then.

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When Wet N Wild arrived in the Philippines about a year or two ago, I have been working closely with the brand and was lucky enough khổng lồ be included in their quảng cáo list. Last year, when I requested some products from them for a livestream, they told me to choose và I remembered I have always wanted to lớn try their Photo Focus range so I asked for all the products from the collection that"s currently available in the Philippines.
And I"m glad I remembered & I"m glad I requested these! Because the Photo Focus range is high quality, high performance, và provides amazing coverage và longevity at an affordable price. I"m reviewing the entire range for you today!

Wet N Wild Photo Focus range is designed khổng lồ provide flawless, camera- ready coverage for daily or professional use. The bases were tested under several lighting conditions with và without use of flash, and has light- adjusting công nghệ to prevent white cast in photos.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Primer Water (P380) is a 3-in-1 solution that prepares skin for makeup application, fixes makeup, and sets makeup. The formula has rose water, which is a very good hydrating ingredient. There is another variant too called Cucumber.
This feels just lượt thích any other mist and has a light rose fragrance to it. I use this sản phẩm before primer lớn help my skin retain moisture as I put on makeup.
I think how this sản phẩm functions is it"s a primer/setting spray that utilizes hydration instead of the usual makeup setting spray ingredients such as silicones and polymers. As we all know, hydration is sometimes enough to lớn keep makeup fresh & oil at bay và Wet N Wild"s Primer Water has a lot of good hydrating ingredients such as Glycol, Cucumber và Rose extracts, Panthenol, & Glycerin khổng lồ name a few.
I use this alone as a primer & setting spray after applying powder when I have to vì a quick grocery run because it"s so convenient and I noticed that it"s enough lớn keep my makeup looking decent. However, for prolonged makeup wear, I wouldn"t risk using just this as primer; I would use it together with a regular primer (which is what I"ve been doing & I noticed that this water helps support the primer"s oil- controlling và makeup- retention property). If you have very oily skin, I also don"t think that this will suffice as a standalone primer, but it will work for those with normal, dry, & moderately oily skin types.
This primer is a good alternative for those who dislike or are allergic to makeup setting sprays with silicone and polymer ingredients, but should be used with a regular primer to double its power.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Matte Finish Setting Spray (P489) is a mattifying makeup setting spray with an oil- không lấy phí formula. It has another variant called DEWY SETTING SPRAY (review HERE).
This has an unscented formula và doesn"t leave my skin taut and dry despite the matte formula. This one actually helps keep makeup matte for longer. I"ve worn this face base collection with the spray và my makeup looks more fresh after about 8 hours of wear versus without it; photo proof at the bottom of this post.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Loose Powder in Banana (P599) comes in two variants: Translucent (for fair to lớn medium và even tung skin tones) and Banana (good for all skin types). It promises khổng lồ create a soft focus, blurring effect for smoother skin.
I went for Banana because I like how it has color- correcting properties as well: it helps adjust odd- toned foundations to my skin tone and warms up cool- toned foundations.
The puff that comes with it is soft và of high quality; my Beauty Blender power nguồn Pocket Puff is the best powder partner ever, but I don"t mind using this one; goes to lớn show that the puff that came with the powder has really good quality.

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Wet N Wild Photo Focus Loose Powder in Banana has a semi- creamy texture; it"s great for baking & the texture prevents it from leaving a cakey finish. It has good oil- control và smoothing properties as well. It"s a low- dusting, lightweight powder with good unique all in all.
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer (P399) is a medium to lớn heavy concealer that"s engineered to look flawless và invisible under 7 light conditions: xanh light, indoors pm light, outdoors pm light, clear blue sunlit sky, electronic flash, fluorescent light, bathroom light, & nightclub light; it promises to stay invisible in pretty much all lighting conditions that might make you look like a concealer trùm cuối in photos. It"s also gluten- free, has Soft Focus Polymer Complex that makes it blendable & adds texture khổng lồ the skin, & Chamomilia Flower extract khổng lồ soothe puffy, tired under eyes.
Gosh I love everything about this concealer và I want to kick myself in the bum for not trying it out sooner. More about that in the test portion later.
Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation (P599) is a high performance, skin- perfecting foundation; one of Wet N Wild"s most famous products. It has a light- diffusing complex for a flawless, #nofilter look. Locally, the brand carries 7 shades.
I have reviewed this before so here"s a liên kết to the review. Và to địa chỉ to this review, I have realized that this is a good dupe for MAC"s Studio Fix Liquid Foundation; the finish of this foundation as well as coverage is at par with MAC"s world famous foundation.
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder (P489) is a sheer, buildable powder with light to medium coverage. It"s a good setting powder if you want to add more tint to lớn your foundation, but without the cake and powder coverage; it"s also a good blotting powder because of its sheer texture.
This one actually reminds me of MAC"s Mineralize Skinfinish powder
because of its baked quality, the reason why it"s so fine và almost skin- like.
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Matte Primer (P489) smooths, provides a flawless base for makeup application, controls oil, and keeps makeup matte the whole day. I like the light, emulsion consistency; it"s very light và tolerable. It"s unscented too. This primer truly helps keep my makeup looking fresh for about 4 hours before oil starts khổng lồ seep from my T-Zone & my makeup is about 60% fresh even after 8 hours of full wear. I love wearing this with Wet N Wild Primer water because I feel both products tư vấn each other well!
Here"s me wearing the foundation. My shade is Golden Beige; it"s lượt thích NC40 & a wee bit light on me initially, but I find that it oxidizes for a wee bit after a few minutes of wear so it ends up matching my skin tone eventually. If you have acidic skin, take cảnh báo of this finding & choose a shade light.
The foundation has superior blend-ability và it gives a smooth, even finish. I love how easy to use this foundation is and how it makes my skin look nice & flawless. Finish is semi- matte and the foundation stays on pretty much the whole day. I think on its own, the liquid foundation has good oil- controlling properties too.
Here a test on the concealer. I am using the shade Medium Peach and it"s a warm beige with a heavy peach undertone. At first I thought it was pretty dark, but it"s actually wearable & helps a lot in canceling out dark circles và brown discolorations on my skin; the shade ended up turning the hàng hóa into a corrector as well, which I like!
I love this concealer a lot because you can layer it on và it will still look natural. Can you tell I have applied three layers on my under eyes in the photo? I KNOW RIGHT! You can"t! :D
Just like the foundation, it"s very blendable, has a semi- matte finish, & doesn"t look cakey at all. It also doesn"t seep into fine lines during wear và pretty much stays on the whole day. Amazing coverage và staying power for only P399. Count me in.
Here"s me 8 hours after wearing the products. I"ve used everything here including the Primer Water and Matte Setting Spray, which I think have greatly helped keep my makeup this way after 8 hours of wear, therefore I think they are worth considering as part of the system, should you decide to lớn try the Photofocus range.
I have nothing to say but praises for this collection! I"m so happy I finally got khổng lồ try Wet N Wild"s Photo Focus collection; everything is affordable, great for oily skin, looks fantastic in real life và photos, has great quality, & has dupes for some of my MAC favorites!
Please visit WET N WILD PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information. Visit their official LAZMALL STORE lớn buy.
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