Xiaomi mi 2 auto mode leaves air unsafe for 86% of hours


Having clean, breathable air is no longer something we can take for granted in India. Pollution levels are getting so bad that it has now reached a stage where we must actively take steps lớn protect ourselves. In fact, air pollution is fast emerging as the single largest threat khổng lồ human life. A WHO study estimates that 4.2 million people succumb khổng lồ air pollution-related illnesses every year, but what"s even scarier is that indoor air pollution is responsible for 3.8 million deaths a year.

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This is where air purifiers come in, & today, we’re taking a look at the Xiaomi mày Air Purifier 2S.

Air purifiers aren’t just meant for cities as polluted as Delhi. Even in areas like Navi Mumbai, which are relatively green and seem pollution free, an air purifier can have a marked impact on your chất lượng of life.

What most people don’t realise is that air pollution isn’t just about smoke. Polluted air also includes suspended particulate matter like dust, but it’s not just dust that’s harmful, there could be particulate concrete, paint flecks, chemical compounds, odours and a whole lot else.

Better yet, it’s not just the outside air that’s polluted. The inside of your house could be even worse.

In my own home, the air quality index (AQI) was a shocking 170 (up to 75 is considered acceptable). This is in a house that is swept, swabbed and vacuumed regularly, & the rooms are air-conditioned. It was only after installing the mi Air Purifiers 2S (henceforth referred lớn as the ngươi 2S) that the AQI fell khổng lồ a much more reasonable 45.

The person who benefited the most from the presence of the air purifier was my Dad. He has severe allergies và can’t even sleep peacefully at night because of the constant coughing và sneezing. The night I installed the air purifier was the first night in years that he slept peacefully.

And that’s why you need an air purifier, regardless of which brand it"s from. For now, let"s take a closer look at the one at hand.

Build & Design


The mày Air Purifier is well built & well designed.

The ngươi Air Purifier 2S is a small, white cuboid that barely reaches up lớn my knees. It’s much smaller than I expected và is surprisingly light.

But don’t let that weight fool you. Chinese products have a reputation, perhaps undeserved, for being cheaply built, but the mi 2S is the exact opposite of that. Nothing about it feels cheap.

It’s a nicely built và finished hàng hóa with sturdy panels & solid buttons that feel lượt thích they could last a really long time. It’s also well-designed. Opening the rear panel to access the filter is easy, và the kiến thiết is so thoughtful that the purifier will turn itself off the moment you mở cửa the panel.


Xiaomi uses a 3-stage air filter in the ngươi 2S.

For filtering the air, mi uses a 3-stage filter. A large outer filter capture all the larger particulate matter such as dust, hair & fur. The inner filter is a HEPA H11-grade filter (high-efficiency particulate air) that is designed lớn capture microscopic particles. H11 simply defines the efficiency with which the filter operates, which is 95 percent in this case. A more expensive filter, such as one from Dyson, might use an H13 or H14-grade filter that filters with a 99.95-99.99 percent efficiency, but H11 is more than enough for most homes.

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The third & innermost filter is made from activated carbon, which is a material similar to what you’d find in water purifiers. This filter captures harmful chemicals, odours & other noxious substances in the air.

The tín đồ faces the top and the air is sucked in from all sides, through the various filters.

Speaking of fans, my biggest concern when picking up the mi 2S was that the fans would be too loud. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the case. In auto mode, the fan hâm mộ is dead silent.


The tín đồ on the mày 2S is so silent that you"ll forget it"s there.

If the AQI in your trang chủ is bad, as it was in mine initially, the fan hâm mộ can get loud. Even in this case, it’s quieter than a table fan, ceiling tín đồ or air conditioner. You could manually force the fan to spin faster if you wanted it to, but this is normally not needed.

The front features a nice little OLED display that helpfully shows you information on the air quality in your house. The display also gives you information on ambient temperature, relative humidity và of course, the air unique index.


You can monitor & control the ngươi 2S using the Mi trang chủ app and smart voice assistants.

There’s a button on đứng đầu for changing the purification mode & there’s another one on the rear for adjusting the light level and for resetting the device.

I love the fact that I can control the purifier with the Mi home app or via smart speakers lượt thích Google home or the Amazon Echo. However, the mày 2S is so silent that I usually forget it’s even in the room. It just works quietly in the background, continuously purifying the air.


One important factor to consider when buying a purifier is the cost of spare parts. Filters will have khổng lồ be replaced from time to lớn time, after all.


The filter will last around a year.

I’ve been using the mi 2S for about 3 weeks now, which includes the heavily polluted week of Diwali. According khổng lồ the mày 2S, I’ve still got 94 percent of my filter left. Extrapolated, that means the filter will last me about a year (50 weeks, give or take). Replacements are easily available on Amazon & on the Mi home store & cost Rs 2,199. Which is quite reasonable.

The degradation of the filter will, of course, vary depending on how polluted of a place you live in.


All things considered, I think the mày 2S is perfect for most homes. It’s quiet & unobtrusive và seems khổng lồ work very well. It’s also well built, well designed và compatible with smart home accessories. Really, what more could you ask for from an air filter, especially one that just costs Rs 8,999?

On a more personal note, given the impact that it’s had on my health as well as that of my parents, I think the investment in an air filter, no matter the brand, is more than worth it, và the mày 2S is certainly a good place to start.

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