Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review


Xiaomi makes great products, which are widely available and, most of the time, very affordable. The Xiaomi mày Pad 4 is another example of such a product. This tablet is small with just 8″ and that makes it very easy to lớn carry around. For me, this is the perfect form size tablet. You can play your games, watch Netflix or watch TV while in bed, without holding a very heavy tablet.

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Introduction & Specifications

Having such a small tablet is great! You can easily carry it around and holding for a full hour or longer is no problem at all. I used lớn have the máy tính bảng ipad Mini, which is the same size. I loved it so much that I ordered the Xiaomi mi Pad 4 right away when I wanted an game android tablet again. Looking at the specifications of the Xiaomi mi Pad 4, this might be a great tablet lớn watch TV on & play some games on. With the Snapdragon 660, you can easily play games without performance issues. Don’t expect the best & smoothest performance, but the average trò chơi is perfectly playable. With the 6.000mah battery inside, you can watch TV for hours without charging it in the meantime. What else does this Xiaomi ngươi Pad 4 have lớn offer?

Model:Mi Pad 4
Screen Size:8"
CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 2.2GHz Octa-Core
Operating System:Android 8.1 (MIUI 9)
Camera Front:5MP
Camera Rear:13MP


The minimalistic design of the box, we have seen that before with xiaomi products. On the front, we just see the number 4 và on the back, we find minimal specifications. Inside, we see the great Xiaomi mày Pad 4 first, underneath the tablet, we find the charger, a sim ejector tool, and some information guide. Simple và minimalistic design, just how I like it.





Hardware & Design

On the Xiaomi ngươi Pad 4, we find small borders, which is totally fine for a tablet if you ask me. The materials used feel very solid và strong. The body toàn thân of the Xiaomi ngươi Pad 4 is completely made out of metal. No plastic or cheap feeling with this tablet. The charge port, USB-c, is positioned in the middle at the bottom. This port feels good and holds the charger tightly. Next lớn the charging port, we find the speakers, which give reasonable sound. Don’t expect the best quality music, but for movies, Netflix, or games it is totally fine. Last, but not least, we also find a 3.5mm jack on the Xiaomi mày Pad 4! If you have a wired pair of headphones, this is the tablet for you. Connect them without a converter.


Front Camera

To take selfies, mi used a 5MP front camera. Why we need cameras in a tablet is not clear to lớn me. There are only a few use cases I can think of & a front camera might be handy for đoạn clip calls. With this 5MP camera, you can easily have a Skype gọi or Duo đoạn clip call. The chất lượng of the camera is not the highest or best available, but we don’t need it on a tablet, right?

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Rear Camera

A 13MP camera is available to take photos using the Xiaomi mi Pad 4. I would never use this as a primary camera, but it is available. The unique is not the best, but I’ve seen worse on tablets too. Personally, I miss the use case for a rear camera on a tablet, but xiaomi mi made it available for those who use it.



Xiaomi fitted a slightly taller display in the Xiaomi mi Pad 4. This results in a 16:10 aspect ratio. This is an IPS panel, which results in life-like colors and very good viewing angles. It’s a very good-quality screen, although the resolution has dropped from 1536×2048- khổng lồ 1920×1200 pixels, resulting in a px pitch of just 283ppi. For watching TV, Netflix or YouTube, this is totally fine. The display quality is great, especially seen the price of this budget tablet.

Battery Life

6000 mAh! That is a massive battery. When watching TV or Netflix, you can spend multiple hours without charging in the meantime. Having a fully charged mày Pad 4, you can get around 8 khổng lồ 9 hours of clip playtime out of it. That is impressive if you ask me, but there are others that score even higher. Xiaomi mi promised a 12-hour đoạn clip playtime, which we did not reach. I would be happy with a battery that lasts 8 hours, but if you reach this really depends on your usage.

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Benchmark Tests

How fast is this tablet? I can write how long I can watch Netflix, how fast the games are that I play on there, but let me show you the numbers by different benchmark tests. This way you can compare the benchmark test numbers to lớn other tablets & find the right model for you.


With the AnTuTu benchmark test, we see that the Xiaomi mi Pad 4 defeats 30% of the users of this benchmark test! We will chạy thử some other apps lớn give you a good overview of the performance.

3DMark – Sling Shot Extreme

3DMark is one of the benchmarks we ran. Here are the results:


Special Features

On the MIUI software of the Xiaomi ngươi Pad 4, we find the tab Other Features in the settings. Here, we find Parental Controls, Gaming Mode, and MIUI lab. What are those?

Parental Controls, from here you can add devices and manage them remotely. You can see the location và control the installation of apps. You can also restrict the usage of the device. If you want to use this, is a personal choice.

Gaming Mode is something we see on some smartphones as well. This will improve the performance of games while restricting sync and background network connection for other apps. This makes your game experience more smooth. A great feature if you ask me.

MIUI Labs is a feature that mi is experimenting with, I think. On the Xiaomi mày Pad 4, you can activate the improved image search. If you tìm kiếm on the tablet, it will also look in your photos lớn find related photos. The other feature here is the AI preloading. This should increase the loading tốc độ of apps. Fun features & this may be something for you.


Looking at the price và the abilities of this tablet, the Xiaomi mày Pad 4 is a great pick. You get a lot of value for the money you spend. If you lượt thích MIUI is something else, but for me, it works perfectly fine. The size, 8″, is perfect và it makes it super easy lớn carry around. Watching TV, Netflix or playing games is no problem for the powerful Snapdragon 660 inside. The battery, which is 6000 mAh, can handle some hours of video/movie watching or playing games. I used to lớn get between 8 khổng lồ 9 hours of battery life out of it. A great budget tablet that is performing better than expected.

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