The Zowie EC series might just be the best mouse for people with medium hands that prefer an ergonomic shape.

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For whatever reason, there haven’t been many medium sized mice that have ergonomic shapes, but because of that reason, the Zowie EC series has an offering that few other mice can offer.

The mouse has a supremely comfortable shape with a soft rubber cable, a flawless sensor & a reasonable weight, all of this adds up lớn a mouse that performs really really well.

If you’re a medium khổng lồ small handed người chơi that really wants to lớn comfortably palm a mouse, then you should consider this over some of the flatter, smoother shapes of the G305 và G Pro Wireless. If you’re a claw grip, then the aforementioned mice should be contenders in your list.


Really comfortable ergonomic shape, well balancedFlawless sensorFlexible rubber cableSoftware free, plug & play


Coating can introduce dirt & grime build up for sweatier gamersCrazy loud scroll wheelStiff clicks


Zowie EC1 and EC2

The EC mice are the perfect mice for the medium sized ergonomic gamers, it has an amazingly comfortable shape, a flawless sensor, flexible cable and stiffer clicks.

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Tech Specs


EC1 (Medium/Large)

Length: 12.8 cmWidth: 6.4 cmHeight: 4.3 cmWeight: 97 gramsShape: ErgonomicCable Length: 2 metres

EC2 (Medium)

Length: 12.0 cmWidth: 6.1 cmHeight: 4.0 cmWeight: 93 gramsShape: ErgonomicCable Length: 2 metres, rubber


Sensor: Pixart PMW3360Buttons: HuanoPolling Rates (Hz): 125/500/1000DPI: 400/800/1600/3200Buttons: 5 + DPI switcherSoftware: NoneConnectivity: Wired

Shape và Design

S2 left, EC2 middle, FK2 rightThe EC’s front doesn’t slope as much as the Zowie cousins with the FK being the lowest sloping.

In terms of buttons the EC buttons are very similar khổng lồ the FK with its stiff clicks. The S2 has the lightest clicks out of the three. All Zowie mice pretty much have the same 16 step loud af scroll wheel.

Zowie EC1 và EC 2 vs G Pro Wireless

The G Pro Wireless is definitely the better overall mouse but its a much more expensive mouse so it’s not a no-brainer.

The only thing up for consideration, other than price, is the shape. The EC2 is very close in form size to the GPW and its ergonomic shape is pretty comfortable. I could see a lot of gamers preferring that shape over the smooth egg that is the G Pro Wireless shape.

Outside of the shape, the GPW does everything better, better buttons, better scroll wheel, lighter và wireless.

If you don’t have shape preferences và have the budget, go with the G Pro Wireless.

Zowie EC1 và EC 2 vs DeathAdder Elite

The EC1 và DeathAdder both serve the larger hand sizes, both do that job very well.

Shape wise, both mice are very strong, I’d give the edge to lớn the EC1 with a shape and kích thước that’ll suit more grip styles than the DeathAdder.

The EC1 buttons are a little stiff, but I’d take that over the mushier DeathAdder clicks.

Both mice have perfect sensors.

In general this is a very close call, if you can try both mice I’d recommend doing that, if you just can’t wait to vì that, I’d go for the EC1.

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs Rival 600

Both mice are large ergonomic mice with very similar sized, the Rival 600 is a little longer while the EC1 is a little wider, both have the same height with the hump in about the same part of the mouse.

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They both have flawless sensors, both will track pretty much perfectly.

The Rival 600 separates itself with its buttons, they’re much better than the EC1’s, a little softer with a good travel & response. Its cable is also softer than the EC1’s.

This one is hard to lớn call, it depends on which shape you prefer, if you don’t strongly prefer either, I think getting used to lớn the Rival 600 is going lớn give you a better overall experience.

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs Rival 310

The Rival 310 basically sits between the EC1 and EC2 in size. So if you find the EC2 too small or the EC1 too big the Rival 310 is there to lớn fill your ergonomic mouse needs.

The Rival 310 is slightly narrower than the EC1 which makes me believe the Rival 310 is going lớn be a little bit better for claw, and the EC1 better for palm. The shapes are safe though, so either mice will work for the majority of grips.

Sensors are a wash, both mice have perfect tracking sensors with no issues.

The buttons on the Rival 310 are much better than the EC1 buttons, much lighter of a click with better response. The cable on the Rival 310 is lighter, the weight on the mouse is 9 grams lighter. The Rival 310 will likely handle better than the EC1.

No điện thoại tư vấn here, you’re going khổng lồ need lớn try both mice khổng lồ really determine a preference, if you don’t have the time for that, go for the cheaper one, the Rival 310, I don’t think you can really go wrong with it.

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs G703

These are both big ergonomic mice. Shapewise, the G703 has its peak height further back on the mouse & has a more dramatic curve towards the front. This shape makes the G703 a little bit more suited to a palm grip than the EC1. That being said, both shapes are fantastic & will serve any large hands well. A pick here is a matter of preference.

Sensors are also a draw, both mice have flawless sensors.

With buttons I’d give the edge to the G703, just generally more responsive buttons with chunkier more detectable side buttons.

One big advantage the G703 has over the EC1 is the wireless connectivity, because these are large mice the G703 feels a lot freer to lớn use since it isn’t tethered by a cable.

In general I’d recommend the G703 over the EC1.

Warranty và Reliability

Zowie doesn’t specifically display length of warranty. They promise that the mouse should be không lấy phí form defects under normal use. Here’s the language:

BenQ Corp. (“BenQ”) warrants the BenQ ZOWIE Product, you have purchased from BenQ or from a BenQ Authorized Reseller lớn be không lấy phí from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.

This Limited Warranty is only valid in the country where originally purchased. This warranty extends only to lớn you, the original Purchaser. It is not transferable khổng lồ anyone who subsequently purchases, leases or otherwise obtains the BenQ ZOWIE product from you. It excludes expendable parts. For any Limited Warranty claim, a valid Proof of Purchase is required. During the warranty period, BenQ will repair or replace defective hardware with factory refurbished parts and products. All exchanged parts and BenQ ZOWIE sản phẩm replaced under this warranty will become the property of BenQ.


Conclusion & Value

Mid-range price, mid-range size, top-end performance. The EC series should be a huge consideration if you find the G703′, G502s & DeathAdders of the ergonomic world too large for your hand. If you’re a palm grip that like medium mice, this is an essential consideration along with the Rival 310. If you don’t need to lớn palm grip then there are a lot great ambidextrous mice that you should consider such as the Zowie S2, G Pro Wireless and Logitech G305.

The Zowie shapes have been proven lớn be a defensible advantage và until someone else comes out with a great mid-range ergonomic shape the EC series will remain a contender in this category. Zowie can further defend this category if they could only improve on the buttons và scroll wheel (please?).